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Starhawk Interview with Lightbox President Dylan Jobe “I Received Hate Mail over Hero being Black”

GamerFitNation's Blackbible interviews Lightbox Interactive's President Dylan Jobe on Starhawk.

"On April 14th, 2012 GamerFitNation’s BlackBible was invited to the PlayStation Lounge for Sonys Spring Preview. There he interviewed LightBox Interactive President Dylan Jobe about his up coming title StarHawk. In this unorthodox but fun interview we spoke about the differences between Warhawk and StarHawk, Giant Robot Spiders, Kratos Skins, and Racism." (Dylan Jobe, PS3, Starhawk)

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NewMonday  +   1232d ago
imagine the hate mail if he was a black Muslim of Jewish decent
Raf1k1  +   1232d ago
I'm glad he's black. I actually kind of like the look of the guy and think we need more main characters who aren't white.
JohnnyMann420  +   1232d ago
Yep I agree. Also, the hate mail doesn't surprise me because there are aholes everywhere.

Cool people and aholes... the only two groups f people in this world.
LOGICWINS  +   1232d ago
"I actually kind of like the look of the guy and think we need more main characters who aren't white."

I agree...as long as it isn't being done for the sake of having a black character or to make a social statement.

In Starhawk, it was done for aesthetics purposes. Black men have a certain voice that can't be replicated by other races and Jobe liked the way the Rift infection looked on black skin. In Starhawk, it makes SENSE for there to be a black character(dark skin makes the light blue infection pop out more).

Just like it made sense to have a black lead in San Andreas due to the games gangsta rap/hiphop vibe and the fact that your the leader of a predominantly black gang.
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ilikestuff  +   1232d ago
agreed, what do these people think black people are to lazy to be heroes? racists jackasses. and after reading this it could be taken as sarcasm, it isn't though
TopDudeMan  +   1232d ago
Yeah, I'm downright disgusted at some people's reactions to this.

If you only have love for your own race, then you only leave space to discriminate.

True words.
crxss  +   1232d ago
doesn't matter if a character's white, black, asian, or even alien. utterly ridiculous that people send hate mail over that
Awesome_Gamer  +   1232d ago
I fucking hate racism..
soundslike  +   1232d ago
gay black muslim of jewish decent who votes green party*
GraveLord  +   1232d ago
Should've made him yellow! No one hates yellow people.
(Look at my avy for reference)
Emilio_Estevez  +   1232d ago
Shocking, well not really. The Sniper Elite guys got hate mail from Neo-Nazi's about adding the kill Hitler mission. Hopefully those d!cks don't buy it and the online will be that much nicer without the bigotry.
LOGICWINS  +   1232d ago
Probably not buying Starhawk anytime soon. The game itself is a fantastic online game(the removal of hovering made this game damn near perfect), but 80% of the players currently don't know what the hell they're doing. I'll get it in the future when it has an established community of players who actually WANT(and know how) to compete.

I'm here because I enjoy BlackBible's interviews and to express my distaste for the racists out there. Unbelievable. It's only a big deal because these people make it a big deal.
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F7U12  +   1232d ago
you do know why you're getting down voted right?

"Probably not buying Starhawk anytime soon, even though the game itself is a fantastic online game(the removal of hovering made this game damn near perfect)"
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LOGICWINS  +   1232d ago
Online multiplayer is Starhawk's bread and butter. Hence, most of my time will be spent with online multiplayer. Which means most of my enjoyment will depend on the competence of other players. Currently, most players suck. I've had situations where I'm the ONLY one going for the flag and team members LITERALLY past right by me when there on a Jeep(knowing full well that I have the flag).

Don't care if people disagree with me, but if I'm being voted down for stating an educated opinion(half of which you left out in your post)..then that simply shows how backwards this community is.

Bubbling down someone because they say they aren't buying a game anytime soon? Ummm...loool.
redDevil87  +   1232d ago
f*** racist people!
dubt72  +   1232d ago
In this day and age... (shakes head slowly)
Kran  +   1232d ago
Lets face it, its not as bad as it was years ago, where black people were slaves, or had no rights or anything.
BlackTar187  +   1232d ago
he should have said nothing. Mentioning these idiots at all in the slightest probably made it worth it for them. So not so GG
BlackTar187  +   1232d ago
I wish someone would tell me what your disagreeing with? You think giving these kids who did this a public acknowledgment is going to some how cut the problem out no. Just the opposite people who do this stuff thrive on any attention whatsoever. But okay keep disagreeing with a valid point. A point proven in almost every group in the world.
Kamikaze135  +   1232d ago
LOL wow....people idiots. This game will kick some serious ass and I can't wait for it!
Kamikaze135  +   1232d ago
are idiots* =x
SandwichHammock  +   1232d ago
Well, in an age where one can't wear a hoodie and buy skittles and ice tea...
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NegativeCreep427  +   1232d ago
Oh Jesus, I knew that was going to be brought up here...*rolls eyes*
Let me just say this:

Starhawk looks great.

Geraldo is an idiot.

Don't jump to conclusions.

Guilty until proven innocent? Not in the United States of America. Don't be a radical.
SandwichHammock  +   1232d ago
That is why it took over a month for a guy to be arrested for shooting a kid right? You win the internet buddy.
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NegativeCreep427  +   1232d ago
Zimmerman was only arrested because the authorities broke under the pressure of public fuhrer.
With all the racial and division communities rallying in the streets. Pumping their fists in the air and saying: "No justice. No peace". I guess the authorities assumed the outraged public thought "justice" meant arresting him and they did before they all started protesting in a more violent and physical manner.

So what will be said next by the outraged radical communities calling for Zimmerman's head on a plate?

"No conviction. No peace". Maybe?

The Martin Family attorney even went on record to say: "He (Zimmerman) should just be arrested and just let him prove his innocence from a jail cell in a court of law"

Now I"m not quite sure that man graduated from law school. The supposed victim wasn't even a small child on the day of the incident like he has been depicted in all the supermarket tabloids. All the photos of Treyvon you see are from him four to five years ago.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1232d ago
Either way he was a minor no matter how you try to put it. Leke sandwich say it shouldnt take this long for somebody to get arrested.
Blacklight82   1232d ago | Spam
chukamachine  +   1232d ago
Played the beta, character was fine, who cares about the colour, but the game itself, graphics were nice, but gameplay was abit boring, first game was better imo.
spunnups  +   1232d ago
Why do ppl care about the dumbest $#%*???? Get a freaking life already. Too many whiners, complainers, and downers out there.
PJF_Josh  +   1232d ago
Yeah, it's a shame that people still act that way, and lol, nice to see myself walk by in the background, beer in hand, right near the beginning of the video.
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solidjun5  +   1232d ago
'Starhawk Interview with Lightbox President Dylan Jobe “I Received Hate Mail over Hero being Black”'
That's unfortunate. People are nuts. I'm getting this game cause it looks fun and i loved WarHawk.
Raoh  +   1232d ago
They should post the emails and gamertags of the people sending the hate mail
MrDead  +   1232d ago
Good interview learned a lot about the game and what’s changed from the beta. As for the racists just ignore them and let them get on with their irrelevant petty lives, I’m glad the main character is black as you won’t have to listen to these morons online because they are too offended to even buy the game.
neutralgamer19  +   1232d ago
That is totally pathetic smh. In anycase did anyone think the hero looked just like R Kelly in the beginning intro? lol I saw him and said he looks just like R kelly.

I will be getting this day one. I had tons of fun and there are just so many things to do. Not to mention the fact that all those vehicles are implemented so well. The beta was fun and done well, so I can only imagine how good the finished game will be. By the way the graphics are greattttt.
Moncole  +   1232d ago
I didn't notice he was black
Ravenor  +   1232d ago
Character skin colour is key to gameplay...KEY. /s /S /S!

People are just dumb, I don't see why anyone waster their breath over this.

*edit* /s added because this place...well, you know.
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gtxgamer2  +   1232d ago
People never learn, this isnt the 1900s anymore. We live in the 21 century.
typikal82  +   1232d ago
Wow, the thought never even crossed my mind
Rhezin  +   1232d ago
yeah I know right? Who the hell notices these things?
Sevir  +   1232d ago
LOL! I remember IGN saying the Character was controversial because he ws black
and I said whats controversial about a black lead in video games? we've had many in gaming's past whats the big deal! Its silly that in this day and age people are still sexist, prejudice, racist, and homophobic! People seem to have some sort of notion that one race is the perfect accurate depiction of humans! >_> aholes really!
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1232d ago
Thats why i hate IGN. They think all black protagonist is suppose to act like CJ from San Andreas. It's just people true colors are coming out now.
hano  +   1232d ago
For God's sake, we need some variety in Video Game characters.

They all are pretty much white. If it's a female she's usually slutty with big boobs. If it's a guy, he's usually a pretty boy.

Do publishers truly fear that people won't buy a game because of a fictional character's race?
Ashunderfire86  +   1232d ago
I going speak the truth, even if people agree or disagree. No offense, but I don't understand how white people are just angry all the time with a black man being the main character? They need to stop with this racial fear Bullshit and always be white mentality!!! We need more diversity in all forms of entertainment. We need more Black, Native American, Spanish, Asian, and many more cultures to play the main role in these mediums. White people on the entertainment side has always been the center of attention, even on a poster of a movie for example. The Black man always is on the side of the poster.

Still in the 21 century we are still dealing with racism of all types, even subliminal racism(yes behind the scenes!!).When Black, White, and others are fighting each other, we are fighting our own brothers and sisters. We are the offspring of our African ancestors, that just happen's to eventually spread out all over the place. I don't know why racism started in the first place, but its the reason for all these wars we are in. We had the race wars, and then it expand to religious wars, civil wars between nations and states, world wars, cold wars, and now (war is business) resource wars where the powerful countries rape third world countries of there resources. Resource so we can get our Ipads, game consoles, secret black budget government projects to kill people, and many more things we take for granted!!! Nations against nations, and brother against brother!!! When will we learn to love one another?

I see nowadays we have petitions of many types, even to change a game ending. Heck we even have the money to fund games and other projects with Kickstarter!!!! Why can't we use these petitions and kickstarters for demanding more diversity in entertainment, force our government to legalize Marijuana(reduce violences just look at Amsterdam), and many more other issues we face. We can change the world. Know how powerful we are, before such power is taken away by the powers that be.
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BitbyDeath  +   1232d ago
I don't know why people would even care what colour the person is. Nobody cared that Spyro was purple, why care if a guy is black?
mayberry  +   1232d ago
I love black people! I love white people, and all races really! people rock! They make me smile!

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