New Tales of Symphonia Wii screens

Namco Bandai has today released a brand new batch of screenshots for its upcoming Nintendo Wii RPG, Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk.

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beoulve3994d ago

The reason I bought game cube and this will be the reason I will buy a Wii.

brodels3994d ago

tales of eternia is the reason i got a psp (and tales of eternia imported). and i'm getting whatever tales of vesperia will be for too

GCO Gamer3994d ago

I played the first game and i love the first game

bootsielon3994d ago

Besides the story and the same technology as the gamecube, what else is new? I doubt the control scheme will be revolutionary, especially to warrant a Wii purchase.

ChickeyCantor3994d ago

...but i bet you loved all the sequals of other games that were released on a single console.

Dont even go there, if its fun then i dont see a problem.

games4fun3994d ago

skies of arcadia 2 is coming to the wii now i have to consider buying a wii in order to play the sequal to the original on the dreamcast i would have been very happy if they had released it for any other console now i know the controls will be gimped with hand movements and crappy gfx that can barely compete with the original skies of arcadia for the dreamcast and i was really hoping to see this game with great visiuals that were upgraded to next gen quality

the worst part is it is just this one game i want for the wii all the rest i didnt care about so i didnt buy the wii i hope that skies go multiplat if it sells bad on wii

superman3994d ago

Waiting for this to get a WII. I might learn japanese for this.

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