A Guide to Going After Achievements

GamerFitNation's Zach gives us a guide on how to approach achievements and trophies in general.

"Achievements are one of the most fun things that has been put into modern gaming. Achievements, or trophies for those that are PS3 inclined, allows you to show that you have put a lot of time and effort into a game. I wanted to create this guide to give people a simple path to follow so that they can go after achievements effectively."

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Wintersun6162406d ago

I prefer completing the game first before even checking the trophy list. Trophies are not my number one priority and if the game is good I don't mind playing through it multiple times if there happened to be some missable trophies.

TekoIie2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Most annoying achievements for me so far has been the ally achievements in ME1. Having to play throught a majority of the game atleast 3 times is a pain the ass.

I really dont understand the fun though in buying a game JUST for the achievements. Doesnt make your score look any better if you play Avatar: TBE and get 1000G on it...

kma2k2406d ago

I actually like achivements, but i would NEVER purposfly alter the way i play a game in order to get certain achviements! If i get them whlie playing cool but come on now!