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Rejected by Steam, Syder Arcade is Coming to OnLive

Italian indie game developer, Studio Evil is known for several games that they have released on PC, Mac and even mobile platforms. Their latest game ‘Syder Arcade’ is a side-scrolling shoot’em up, that will remind you of old school games such as Defender and the Uridium games.
In a Twitter conversation today between Studio Evil and another game developer (Ahmed Abdel Samea), the company revealed a little information about their release plans for Syder Arcade.
Studio Evil tweeted, “Apparently Syder Arcade is too awesome to be fit for a #Steam release. Oh well, we always loved challenges…… We already are on Desura, and we will be soon releasing the game on Impulse, Onlive, Indiecity and Playism.” (Android, iPad, OnLive, PC, Syder Arcade)

Jacobite  +   854d ago
Too awesome for Steam lmao thats funny.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   854d ago
lol good luck with selling your game to the masses.
XeviaN  +   854d ago
lol thank you.
KMCROC54   854d ago | Immature | show
KMCROC54  +   854d ago
i spoke the truth, lets stop being so damn PC about it .
GamingPerson  +   854d ago
Actually steam rejects many games.
I swear there was a recent sequel to a classic pc rts game that was broken crap and yet steam approves it.
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hano  +   854d ago
Checking the gameplay video, the game looks quite interesting and the graphics are lovely.

I think Valve usually only approves your games if there's already a buzz around it like Super Meat Boy, or if you have published successful games before. So yeah, Steam is not as open as everybody seems to think.

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