Future of The Witcher uncertain, say CD Projekt

CD Projekt are preparing to begin work on two new RPGs, but the studio is yet to decide whether or not one of these games will be The Witcher 3.

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NYC_Gamer2404d ago

The Witcher franchise will continue....CPR just wants to take a little break and bring us something fresh and original.

b_one2404d ago

The Witcher Dancing Game

NYC_Gamer2404d ago

^^^ would be Kinect exclusive..

Kamikaze1352404d ago

They probably just want to take a break, try something new, and see how that goes. Personally, I think The Witcher is an AMAZING franchise that should continue someday. After how The Witcher 2 turned out, I'm going to be supporting these devs with whatever they do as long as they as much effort into it as they did with The Witcher 2.

Mariusmssj2404d ago

That's the thing it's based on the Witcher novels but from the new interview it seems that the witcher game story is written by the CDPR themselves, they only used the places and characters from the novels.
I think that they could make some amazing RPG's =]

Somebody2404d ago

Give them a break. After adapting their game for a console while at the same time making tons of updates for the PC version,they deserve it.

Maybe they'll make The Witcher set in an alternate world. Some of the huge monsters like the Kayran were dumped into Geralt's world when their world collided with another, probably an even more dangerous world. Would be interesting to see them explore that aspect of the lore. With guns.

b_one2404d ago

it was in Lady of the Lake book so it might be an idea ;) but those next games are not involved with The Wicher world