Bully release date hints at GTA IV launch

From gameplayer... "Remember Canis Canem Edit on the PS2? It was called Bully in America, but the name was changed for the Australian release on the off-chance that the title of a make-believe video game could actually encourage school bullying.

Anyhoo, Bully has been ported to Wii and Xbox 360, and will go on sale in Australia on March 7."

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Slayer OP3997d ago

It will be the greatest game ever. Ill be buying my copy the 1st day.

M_Prime3997d ago

You think that a game is special enough to buy it on the first day... well it is cause if i had a 360 or Ps3 i would buy it.. i'll prolly end up playing the PC version..

but let me tell you how special SMASH BROS is to me..

Mine has been paid in full since April 07.. i'm just waiting to pick up a copy..

and paying for it in advance is pretty good cause you got cash now.. when the game comes out there may be so many other games you may want and find yourself without enough funds for the game... also this guarentees you a copy on DAY1

BachelorBrit3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

I agree. I have had my pre-order for the Special Edition of the Playstation 3 version with Amazon UK for a while now.

I think I will find it hard to take out the Grand Theft Auto IV disc for months at least, it will be an addictive game just like the previous titles in the series all over again I guarantee it. A March launch I am really hoping for, also I think TakeTwo will be announcing the release soon if not by the end of this month then in February. The game is only 2-3 months away (approximately) so we should be expecting advertisements of the game to surface soon as well.

moujahed3997d ago

GTA4, and MGS4... these have to be the most anticipated games of 06, 07, and 08. Don't say Halo 3 because it was all hype and Microsoft spent like a Trillion dollars Promoting it. These two games get buzzs based on it's articles, trailers, and fans.

Both are System Sellers... well, they dont sell 360's but you know what I mean.

mesh13997d ago

no gamers are anticipaing mgs4 only sony trolls no real gamers have the ps3 as the games are sub par if i wanted mgs4 i wud go play the thousand of 3rd person games on the 360 which are better thn mgs4 the game is oput dated