Xbox Live Down Again

After a week of frustration, ending with a law suit. It seemed XBL was back up. But, now new reports are coming in that XBL is down again. The official site reports that:

Users may experience issues performing transactions dependent on Windows Live ID availability including but not limited to Xbox 360 account creation, renewal, recovery, and logging into or creating Windows Live ID accounts. We are aware of the issue and actively working toward a resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Or in simple English, the service is down again.


XBL Arcade seems to be working fine, even multiplayer. But games like Call of Duty 4 etc.. are still down. So, so far XBL games seem to be running smoothly, but other mutiplayer games aren't. More updates soon.

The current update in the situation states:

Xbox Live and Zune Marketplace users may experience intermittent issues with billing related transactions (such as the purchasing of premium content), presence functionality (such as logging into Xbox Live), posting statistics, storage downloads, matchmaking, and messaging.

As of Jan, 09 2008 Xbox Live is back up and running.

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Marceles3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Awww it's true..just tried it. I didn't want to approve since it's not a real article though.

Edit: sigh* fine fine...

Mu5afir3933d ago

It's put under news, not article.. why would it be an article?

Relcom3933d ago

He is not a Xbot at all dude. Don't be so quick to judge.

marionz3933d ago

you sony fanboys really are a sour bunch, doesnt take long for you to troll and spread your negativity
whats the point of hating on every xbox article you find? whats the point of calling people xbots and why are people like you so full of hate and spite, the sony fans like you are awefull and im glad i dont know any people that get angry over consoles in real life

this doesnt apply to all the decent sony fans, im a gamer and dont hate any console

wil4hire3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Wtf is he Tony Soprano or something?

I was joking..

Bubbles please.


\/--- gay.

ActionBastard3933d ago

Dude, Tobal No.1?! I'd give you a bubble, but you have plenty ;)

eLiNeS3933d ago

I have been playing COD4 all day. Went from Level 10 in my forth Prestige to Level 20, so no, Live is not down. I will admit that it's not been flawless and was hard to get a game going for a few min. here or there but still been fine on my side for the most part.

Snukadaman3933d ago

I dont know if some of you checked but I did temporarily lose some levels on my cod4 games....i was 48 and for some reason it changed too everything is back up and normal.

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ichimaru3933d ago

they better be putting some thing big on live, or it's another free game microsoft owes

mesh13933d ago

dont worry we real gamers that have the best console out the xbox 360 know that its up and running just ignore this articles that has 0 meaning its just a retaliation to the 360 getting golden eye on txbla and great exclsuve for 2008 while sony ps3 has lgs4garabge/lbp 2d/gt5 forza 2 is better,ull notice everytime there a good 360 news sony transexuals search for anything to post bad about the 360 good thing the 18 million xbox owners dont listen to them same with 3rd party devs they are not listening to u kids =) just check out the garbage called lost planet on the ps3 capcom ain't listting .fallout 3 lead platfiorm 360 bethseda ain't listening,gt4 part 2 and 3 coming only to 360 rockstar aint listening not to mention bully the game coming only to 360 all western devs are not listening to ur cry we 360 gamers are not listening ur turning no 1 towards buying the ps3 you,ll keep trolling this site till the ps4 comes out then maybe sony will have a chance mgs wont push any sales just like mgs3 major flopped didntno 1 listens to the crys of sony trollls except jap devs which make subpar games this gen so yes im happy let the 360 keep getting games made buy silicon knights/2k games/remedy/team ninja/ubisoft (splinter cell) while the ps3 gets garabge game devs like gorilla/yakuza the devs are crap/white knight story who the hell is making that crap/lair u know what happend to that garabge and crap devs made it/heavenly sword again unknown devs

nevelo073933d ago

sad, i really am not interested in playin the dang thing anymore, knowing it could be down, i go check the support page everytime just to check the status, sad just sad.

The_Engineer3933d ago

I bought my kid a 360 and COD:4 for xmas and he hasn't been able to play online in over a week. THAT IS STR8 UP BULLSH1T.

Mu5afir3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

A poster on writes:

Has anyone else seen the ???'s in your friend's list or recently played with list? Just wondering, cause it looks really sketchy. The virus theory may have something to it...


Can anyone confirm this? I doubt there can be a virus in XBL since it's a closed system.


Yeah, lol.. I guess some people are a little more paranoid then others. xD


The Xbox 360 was moded .. Hardware / Software 6 months after it released. Where have you been? But I doubt any code could be passed between the consoles etc.. Again, this isn't my theory or anything. So, stop with the DISAGREES.

Marceles3933d ago

Virus theory? Uh...I'm scared to turn it on now lol, I'll wait until the coast is clear

HuntTheWumpus3933d ago

This isn't a virus. The 360 cannot run unsigned code so in order for someone to be able to execute a virus they would of had to break the security. If that was possible the homebrew scene would already be exploding..

IGNFTW3933d ago


gta_cb3933d ago

i havnt personally had the ???? on my friends names, BUT when i checked the leaderboards on COD4 they were showing as ????

also COD4 has been extremely bad 2night for me and all my friends i was trying to play with so i decided to play another game like gears. so i put in the DVD disc and it required an update.... error came up everytime i tried to update a game... :(

gta_cb3932d ago

whoever the two people are who disagreed actually reply and say why pls, because i know i AM telling the TRUTH i have NO reason to lie about it, i love playing my Xbox 360 i think its an amazing console, BUT these problems i said i had DID happen, but i FINALLY managed to get my mate into a private match on COD4 and stayed playing against eachother and doing those funny glitches on hardcore mode until about 3am, then we quickly tried joining an XboxLIVE game and it worked fine.... so i dont know what has been happening but i did have problems so if your going to disagree then at least say why.

lawgone3932d ago

I bubbled you up. I'm tired of people disagreeing with people when they're just stating their recent experience. I myself haven't had any problems but I haven't played in a couple days as I've been working.

gta_cb3932d ago

thanks mate, yeah i only said what has happened to me so maybe it can be of some use to people who dont know whats going on.

also another thing that kept happening to my mate last night is that although we could still hear each other due to being on Private Chat our xbox 360s kepy freezing for a min or two when we clicked to go on a private match or back to XboxLIVE match (this was on COD4) but everyone should read the update at the top of the page, says its back up 2day :)

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

im on XBl right now and its working fine. so how is it down i also have 15 people on my buddy list playing different games.

lol people disagree with me because this news story is bullshit

my gamertag is working i dont see a "?"

i just got into a game. and it says there are 52k people online playing the game also. and 3 people on my buddy list are playing

Edit just finished playing a game heres the list of people who were in the room.

so like i was saying the topic started is bullshitting

Marceles3933d ago

Yeah, the site shows every is working except my gamertag has the silhouette with a "?"

Mu5afir3933d ago

I have been reading multiple reports, and have reconfirmed with the official site. A lot of games are down, some XBL Arcade games seem to be working. But, the majority of the services are down. Try playing CoD4, if you have it.

Daishi3933d ago

Seems good on my end, 11 friends online and no ???. I'm on the East cost, where do those of you experiencing problems reside?

gta_cb3932d ago

i was having problems late last night although i havnt tried it today as i havnt had a chance. i live east side of the UK

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