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Vandamme212371d ago

They still making 007 games..I was never a fan of 007 games.

TheUnbiasedLion2371d ago

Activision are running out of ideas.

COD franchise and now this!

Ness-Psi2371d ago

I like bond games, look forward to see what it's like.

topgun332371d ago

So they are going to use 6 iconic movies to spread through the course of the game, which means they will probably use the likes of Connery, Moore, Bronson, and Craig. Hopefully they get the actual voice actors to do the game.

My guess for the six iconic movies will be:
1) Dr. No-Connery
2) Goldfinger-Connery
3) From Russia W/ Love-Connery (although they did the game already for ps2)
4) Spy who loved me-Moore
5) Goldeneye-Bronson
6) Combo of Casino Royale/Quantam of Solace for Craig

Any thoughts?

Valenka2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Number six is clearly wrong since they said that Skyfall was going to be one of them.

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