PlayStation Vita Supports A Lot More PSP Games Than Originally Announced (Updated Game List)

"Many PSP owners like myself who’ve purchased and downloaded games from the PlayStation Network in the past have been able to install games using the Content Manager app found on the Vita."

*Also includes an updated list of fully playable, previously unannounced PSP to Vita game list.

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Myst2406d ago

*slowly raises sign over head as a single tear streams down my cheek*

joeorc2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

here is 275 games of the PSP that also work

but like yourself i also have a two of my own

and of course

Oh and these two work on the PSVita with 2nd analog control an resolution upgraded.

Grand theft Auto Vice City Stories
Grand theft Auto Liberty City Stories

you will have to re download them to your PS3 if they are not on there. you can purchase them off of the MediaGo PC software program under games section it allows you to buy PSP games even if your not in the Europe or UK region. Which was where these GTA games for digital download were downloadable, they were not in the NA store. but vice city stories is only $20.00 anyway good buy for a PSP GTA that supports AD hoc multi-player.

Myst2406d ago

Out of that list I just have two but I need to pick up Final Fantasty Tactics at some point.

yoshiroaka2406d ago

Really? It has dual analog support? I didnt know that :O!! hmm i might get the gta then...

PJF_Josh2406d ago

Wait, what? GTA VCS and LCS are on the North American store, have been for quite a while.

Last time I tried however, just over a month ago, LCS wouldn't transfer to the Vita. But VCS does work.

Myst2405d ago

@Yo - Yeah dual analog support for a lot of games probably place money on all of them. Also Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on dual analog is great :D

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himdeel2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Killzone Liberation does work on the Vita. I downloaded it when PSN went down. Initially it was sitting on my PS3 hard drive. Tried to install it after I got my Vita and the XMB had a message that the game had to be re-downloaded. Went over to my download history and downloaded it. Installed it on my Vita and have been really enjoying this game.

xXtremeHDGamerXx2406d ago

I wish you can play socom bravo team 3 on PS vita

FragGen2405d ago

Yeah, FTB1 is the only PSP Socom that will transfer. I guess one is better than none, but I was pretty bummed about 3, too. Resistance Retribution and Dakr Mirror were the other heartbreakers for me.

I'm still super happy about the PSP support though. All the Tom Clancy PSP games recently were on sale and I got them and they all transferred. R6:Vegas with dual sticks is great, as is GRAW2.

Oldman1002405d ago

Resistance Retribution works, but only the PAL version apparently.

lilmetal2406d ago

I'm pretty sure Phantasy Star Portable 1 + 2 used to be on the PS Store, and are gone now...?
As well as DJMax Fever and Hottunes?
Are they removing some PSP games from the PS Store?
I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I noticed.

Moentjers2406d ago

All the PSP needed was a second stick. So, now also open up PS3 remote gameplay and the Vita won't be out of my hands anymore.

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