Valve’s Steam Console – Why It Could Revolutionise Gaming

With Valve supposedly meeting with Apple to talk about potential Steam console hardware, NowGamer weighs up the evidence to see just what sort of an impact a Steam console would have on the industry and the big companies like EA and Activision.

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fastrez2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Insightful. Care to share why, or have you just read the headline and decided to try and sound funny?

EDIT: Your reply below...bravo sir.

Crap_Turtle2433d ago

than god you only have one more post left, wouldnt want your talents wasted.

dark-hollow2433d ago

maybe they will sell steam branded gaming PCs?

i dont know it sound silly but not as much as going into the console field.

fastrez2433d ago

This could potentially destroy Activision and EA if the price is right and the games stay the same price. The big name console devs should be worried if this is true.

hiredhelp2433d ago

EA has origin, activision uses steam as a distributor?

LightofDarkness2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Not going to happen.

For one, each machine would need to have Windows installed in order to retain compatibility with Steam's catalogue, which is probably its strongest selling point. That would drive the cost of each console up at least $70-$80, and do you really think MS would let a competitor leverage their software to compete directly with them? Not without some API crippling and an exorbitant fee, no doubt.

Making a Steam console with almost no available games would be foolhardy.

As well as this, Valve only release games once every 2 years or so. Sony, MS and Nintendo release games every few months, even weeks, under their own studios. That means Valve's first party line-up would be woefully sparse, and comprised of old games.

Plus, the Apple thing is effectively just uninformed people thinking they're making logical conclusions without reasoning a single thought for even a moment. Do people REALLY think that Valve would abandon their Steam store on Windows PCs, a multi-billion dollar venture that has been nothing short of a vaulting success that continues to prosper, so they could run off and make a razor-blade venture with Apple and cut off nearly all previous revenue streams? Valve make A LOT of money from Steam, but they also make a lot of money by having their games on multiple platforms. Entering an exclusive partnership with Apple means no more Valve games on any other system but the one they've made with Apple (Apple just work that way). Does anyone really think it's worth gambling a vast fortune on a one shot venture that has almost no foreseeable pay off in the short term? Even in the long term, it is quite unlikely that this system/store model would rake in nearly as much cash as it currently does on Windows and Mac.

So really, stop with this nonsense. It makes no sense. And if it does happen, it will fail. HARD.

sorceror1712433d ago

The more reasonable idea is that Valve isn't going to make the hardware themselves. Rather, the suspicion is that they're working on a hardware *specification* and *certification process*. Like Intel with their "Ultrabook" spec; lots of different hardware vendors can make Ultrabooks.

That way, it's the vendor arranging the Windows licenses, not Valve. The vendor has an incentive to do it because the "Steam-certified" (or whatever) logo will tell consumers "this box can play a ton of games well"; it's in Valve's interest because they get more Steam installs and game sales.

aaaaaaaaa2433d ago

I will not buy a steam console for one simple reason.
I do not like digital content, I want my games on disc and if I can not get the game of choice on disc that is a simple one I just don't play it, there loss not mine.

Moncole2433d ago

If you want to play Valve games get a Steam account, you dont need a console for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.