4 Reasons Why Collectors Will Hate the Next Console Generation

GP: "Although it still appears to be at least a year out, the next generation of consoles is being ramped up right now. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all want to have gamers continue to buy games and systems that are out right now, but there's no doubt they're all hard at work with their upcoming systems. Nintendo looks like it will be first out of the gate with Sony and Microsoft coming out a little later. Because we're closing in on these systems though, we're now hearing a great deal of rumors.

Some of the rumors are worrying gamers, such as the idea that used games will either be disallowed, need to be re-purchased, and other things. Although it could be just speculation that new systems are going to be against used games, you've got to expect that something about it is true or why else would we keep seeing the rumor? So yes, many gamers are becoming concerned about the next generation, but there's a group of gamers who will have an even bigger issue with the generation - gam...

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Ares84HU2428d ago

#1 - No used games aren't a problem for me. I buy my games new anyways. I want new and clean games, don't want someones coffee on the booklet because they couldn't take care of the game.

#2 - If it's Digital only than that is a huge problem. But I don't see it happening for multiple reasons. DD only will come, but not in the next gen.

#3 - This goes back to the DD only. If games are DD only than console manufacturers MUST supply the consoles with HUGE Hard Drives. I'm talking 10TB and up. Games will get bigger and they will take more space. Today a good average would be like 5GB/game...and there are those that are 25-50GB. Just to put it in perspective, PS2 games average around 1GB/game so the jump from PS2 to PS3 was huge. I currently have 273 PS3 games not counting the downloaded PSN games. They better give us huge HD's if they plan on going DD only.

#4 - Physical media is very important. I love to see my collection and picking a game on a day when I don't know what to play. Sometimes it's a lot of fun to go back playing older games. For example I got Tekken 6 back in 2009 when it came out. I played it for a few months than stopped. No I just went back playing it and having a blast again.

So, I think these predictions are all wrong and next gen will be pretty much like this gen. Content will be offered on PSN/XBL but major releases still will come on some form of physical media. Companies don't want to shoot themselves in the leg and taking away potential of selling to people in different countries who are under some sort of internet cap. Also, publishers know how much people love physical shit. Look at all the crap they give you with a CE. What you get out of a CE probably cost them a few $ and they sell it for $100-$200 depending on a game. They won't give that up, that's for sure.

Bimkoblerutso2428d ago

I just can't see myself investing in the next generation of consoles if it goes in the direction that these rumors are suggesting...and this is coming from a guy that has invested in nearly every game system since the NES.

morkendo232428d ago

Some of the rumors are worrying gamers, such as the idea that used games will either be disallowed, need to be re-purchased

Cant see myself re-buying all my collections and if DD is the future of gaming Sony can shove PS4 up their arse.

2428d ago
Crap_Turtle2428d ago

nothing will ever be dd only and nothing will ever blocked used games

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