Xbox paedophile predators 'move in on prey within two minutes of contact'

The Metro writes: "Sexual predators are taking advantage of young people’s willingness to add strangers as online contacts out of a sense of ‘competition’ over their popularity.

They are also increasingly likely to use gaming platforms such as Xbox Live to target children, researchers say..."

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Fel082432d ago

And there are still people who think Milo whould've been a good idea.

Tai_Kaliso2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Get over it, people have been stalked and things like this happen before Xbox Live, its called the internet.

Milo was a simulation, kind of like Kinectimals, if people with sick minds want to think that way then let them. Its not like you could do sick things with Milo, more like a virtual friend, which is kind of interesting and I could see kids really enjoying something like that.

Bottom line is that people can avoid these types of situations altogether, no matter if its on Facebook, Twitter, PSN or Xbox Live.


How in the world is a simulation game where you can go skip stones with a person or fish or whatever a pedophiles dream?

You realize you cant make them do something illegal or rated above E right? Its like saying Eyepet or Kinectimals will attract people into bestiality, it makes no real sense, its not like you could have sex with Milo or the animals in those other games I mentioned, so quit acting like you could...

GribbleGrunger2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

if you think communicating with a young child on Milo is suspicious then you need to ask yourself some difficult questions. it's all in the eye of the beholder

lol at the Eyepet example. and you are right, it is as STUPID as suggesting that

Fel082432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

We all know that Milo would've been a pedophile's dream, end of story. Stop acting like it was this great Invention, cause really, it was gimmick at its best.

GribbleGrunger2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

it would have been a paedophiles dream! LOL.

'a new phenomena has hit the 360. we have been informed that some people have been grooming Milo on Kinect. It starts of innocent enough with asking Milo to draw a picture or look in the pond, but it soon escalates into something far more worrying when Milo is asked to remove his clothing.'

how would that work out of interest?

mate, you really need to stop just repeating the foolish things that fanboys come up with on this site. games like Halo are more likely to be used for such things... and that's a stretch too

2432d ago
DasTier2431d ago


"Simply put, a grown man buying a kinect for himself is either a paedophile or gay or little bit of both".

What? The fact that some people have agreed with you shows the sorry state of this site.

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2432d ago
Bimkoblerutso2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Headline should really read:

"Paedophile predators move in on prey because parents raise children to be morons."

thebudgetgamer2432d ago

Kids are just dumb, you really can't blame that on parents in most cases.

Bimkoblerutso2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I can blame the parents for apparently unknowingly allowing their naive children to get on XBLA, accept friend requests from random users, set up meeting times and locations, and then travel to those locations to be taken advantage of (again, all seemingly unbeknownst to the parents).

Yes, the parents are to blame.

thebudgetgamer2432d ago

In this case I agree with you, someone dropped the ball. I'm just saying there are cases were the parents did their best but bad things still happen.

Scrupuless2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

You couldn't be more wrong in your logic. It is like saying, its the girls fault she got raped for being a girl. Kids are, well, just that kids, they do things without their parents permission sometimes. Kids who have been educated or instructed to not accept strangers invites, sometimes do. You would have to be pretty thick not to realize that, and even thicker to truly believe its the parents fault every time a kid gets coerced by a stranger.

I'm going to throw some logic at you....... its the stranger or perpetrators fault.

Dms20122432d ago

Nice how they made the whole title out to be about XBL only, when the article clearly reads "gaming platforms SUCH AS Xbox live".You neckbeards need to get a life.

thebudgetgamer2432d ago

Yea, we should all be like you. The first thought after reading about men harming children Is a console "war".

Stay classy.

Dms20122432d ago

Oh shut up, you know full well why the articles title was written like that, it screamed "Xbox Live is chock full of pedophiles, don't use it"!!!

TheRealHeisenberg2432d ago

So true and typical of N4G. The headlines get us everytime.

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