Solidus Gaming - Haunt Review

There was a time when the future for the Kinect was in question. Kinect seemed to focus purely on casual games and when a hardcore game came along it was usually broken beyond recognition. From Rise of Nightmares, to Blackwater, these “Kinect for the core” games failed one after another. Then came The Gunstringer by Twisted Pixel, it showed that not all Kinect games had to be casual games or failures and there was hope for it yet. Then seemly out of nowhere a little adventure game for Kinect arcade came around by the name of Haunt. This game was given little to no publicity and if someone did stumble upon it they would most likely dismiss it as another failed Kinect game. Could this be another beacon of light in the slew of crappy Kinect games or will it shove the final nail in the Kinect coffin.

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