Pre-Order Dishonored Now

Unigamesity writes: "Bethesda is going to release the Dishonored game by the end of the year and I am sure you would like to be one of the first to get the chance to play the game, since it looked like the next big thing (as we saw in the game trailer earlier today). Therefore, the best thing to do would be to pre-order Dishonored to make sure that you get it on day one, with any possible bonuses that might be included with the pre-order."

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AusRogo2427d ago

Havent even seen any gameplay. No way am I going to pre order a game I havent seen anything only cgi trailers. Oh, and its Bethesda, I think ill hold out a year so they have it all patched.

Laxman2427d ago

Bethesda aren't making it, Arkane Studios are.

AusRogo2427d ago

I know, but most of Bethesda published games are buggy as shit..

DevilishSix2427d ago

Not sure why anyone would pre-order any game without at least some gameplay to view.

Newsman2423d ago

This has been available for pr-order for months. OLD!!