CES 2008: Sony Confirms In-Game XMB Sometime in '08

Sony's Paul Purdy confirms the addition of in-game access to the XMB.

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SmokeyMcBear3662d ago

well at least they actually commented on it.. thats a good sign

deeznuts3662d ago

They've actually commented on it before. Saying they hear the clamor, and are working on it. It wasn't total silence on the matter.

Lifendz3662d ago

Just got a 160gb HDD in anticipation of this. Can't wait to cruise around liberty city listening to all the music on my PS3. But we all know XmB was coming. I figure it'll be out when Home drops.

tplarkin73662d ago

When Sony says "confirmed", it means "the deadline will slip by 6 months, and it will fall short of expectations".

unlimited3662d ago

They made it offical that its coming out this year..I hope during spring when HOME releases..

Capt CHAOS3662d ago

Nov Japan 2008.

Feb North America 2009

Europe, July 2009.

k2d3662d ago

Here's a nasty scenario:
You download the latest firmware update, start playing a game, then open up your in-game XMB to test things out. Suddenly you realise that while opening the chatwindow, your game shuts off. What!? What is this half assed "in-game" XMB?!

Maya3661d ago

There is no Windows behind it in the first place ;)

jiggyjay3661d ago

This is only possible with the power of the Waitstation3!! Or is it Wastestation 3..

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Relcom3662d ago

I want it, everyone else wants it....Now give it

jujunogo3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

in game xmb old but just to show you they been working on it for a while go to 2:22

kornbeaner3662d ago

that video has been taken way out of context for the longest time. If you notice whenever they bring up that in-game XMB there is only 3 options. Turn off console, quit game and turn off controller. Those are the same three options you get when holding down the middle PS button of the controller all they did was change the way those options are presented. In game XMB was never implemented, even in the early stages of the PS3's life.

Guwapo773662d ago

He did say something about bringing up a friend list. Listen to the video closely. I'm only going to assume this feature wasn't that easy to implement at launch. Maybe ran out of ram...who knows. Just be happy when we finally get it.

zPlayer3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

you know that almost ticks me off when i see that they had something close to in game xmb and didn't even put it in on the launch of the system. oh but they did give you the xmb when watching in system videos and pictures? thats another thing it would be nice to be able to message your friends while watching a movie. not necessary but nice. boy this better be nice since this idea has been held back from us.

opps i didn't realize what was said above me but i still stand close to what i said.

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kingofps33662d ago

Hopefully this feature update will come about the same time or before PSN Home hits.

GIJeff3662d ago

it will be part of home.

Skerj3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I just hope "sometime in 08" falls before or within Q2 and not December or something.

Relin3662d ago what I'm most worried about.

INehalemEXI3662d ago

Im most worried about Home...I don't want it delayed again. We should be in open beta by now.

Gazman3662d ago

I just hope 08 means 2008

Skerj3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

It's probably good for Sony that Home isn't in open beta right now. From what I've heard from testers and seen, it's still gimped featurewise from the trailers. Let the masses in and you have a million asshats who don't know what "beta" means running around slagging it for not being finished.

As far as if it'll be before or after Home, I'll go with the former on your assumption of the firmware update. So HOPEFULLY we'll get it around Q2 or E3 time, firmware 2.5.

C_SoL3662d ago

scare me like that....

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ambientFLIER3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Good. Maybe then you'd actually have something to play on your PS3, instead of writing moronic comments on the internet.