Every Nintendo 64 Game, in One Giant Video

Take a nostalgic trip to the past with this 25 minute video showcasing game play segments of every single game ever release on the Nintendo 64. That's 296 games.

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BiggCMan2404d ago

Look at the uniqueness and variety you have here, my god. It's a shame that I can probably find over 150 first person shooters on the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined. Over half the N64's database.

Blastoise2404d ago

Quite ironic that Golden eye probably inspired them all to some extent isnt it?

Relientk772404d ago

I miss the PS1 and N64 generation. Omg just so many amazing games

Dovahkiin2404d ago

Even Rugrats for PS1 was a good game. Great even.

Relientk772403d ago

Actually it was lol I have it. It was just an amazing and like perfect time to be a gamer

Lucretia2404d ago

while the games were good, i have to say that the n64 had the least games period in any console. this video was easy to make and is very short because the n64 had no games. the ones it had were great, but not enough.

nostalgia is nice tho :)

FredEffinChopin2404d ago

296 games its whole life. And people still argue passionately with me when I tell them that N64 was a failure. I don't care how good the few games it had were, that system left me completely hanging in terms of the library. Eventually it forced me to buy a Playstation. I've never looked back since.

Perjoss2404d ago

although its textures were quite muddy, I think the N64 was the first console to alias textures, was roughly around the same time as the 3dfx cards for the PC which did basically the same thing but at higher resolutions.

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