BioWare Says Mass Effect 3 DLC Was Always Free, But Contradicts DLC Pricing Scandal

The sad reality in all of this is that you can't just go to a company and say "Hey, what's the deal...what's the hard-honest truth of the matter?" and actually get that question asked. It's ridiculous that the big news sites out there can't just ask a question and get an honest's all shrouded in PR hyperbole we warned gamers about in top misconceptions about the gaming industry

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tigertron2428d ago

Yes, and I bet our decisions would matter at the end, right Bioware? *trollface*

vega2752428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Ah bioware just Shut up already. So many lies, so many time you keep getting caught in them. When will you learn or has EA tought you nothing but how to destroy your own credibility by lying and cheating your fanbase.

Bravo bioware. Bravo

Mythicninja2428d ago

It's like an ex girlfriend. When you no longer get mad at them when you treat about them, that's when you know it's over.

I'm not mad anymore, I just can't be bothered to care.

ufo8mycat2428d ago

Can someone explain to me why companies don't get busted for false advertising? Last I heard, that was illegal

FIrst it's Bioware advertising that your choices matter, that the end won't be just A,B,C, but thats EXACTLY what it was and they just get away with this?

vortis2428d ago

Exactly, it's stupid that the gaming media let these guys slip and slide all over our wallets like Turkish oil-wrestling match.

I'm pretty sure the Capcommies and rEApers will be in here pretty soon to shut down these comments with marketing troll-faces and disagrees, but whatevs.

We need watchdog groups to kick these big companies in the sock-puppets every once in a while, otherwise it'll just keep getting out of hand.

The SFxT situation NEVER should have happened.

TekoIie2428d ago

You would be here would you...

Sure people hate on bioware but you sir have been taking the hate to a whole new level. Uploading every article you find on Capcom and Bioware...

joab7772428d ago

Everyone's right. Let's keep on about how evil they are because they are giving free dlc. Do i believe it was gonna be only an idiot would. Had everything gone as planned, we would have paid for it. If it had gone as planned, i wouldn't have minded. But, it didn't and they are giving it to us for free. Are they gonna admit that it was supposed to cost they dont know what to say right now. They had amazing success, believed in what they were doing while being financially viable, released the pinnacle of their crowning achievement and got slaughtered. They are a great company that makes great games. I hate this situation all around. I wish we would let it go before permanent damage to great companies and creators is done. It didn't end how we wanted but it was awesome, nonetheless. We got what we wanted. Now move on. Let them move on. Thank you bioware for your hard work. It was worth every penny i spent. Do i wish u could make games by yourself...sure. But i know they are expensive. Just keep doing what ur doing. Don't second guess yourselves...we will surely do it for you.

vortis2428d ago

Actually, I think BioWare would be a lot more successful if they bailed on EA and went the KickStarter route...

Would I chip in to do a non-publisher based Baldur's Gate 3? Sure, why not. So long as it's the real BioWare and not that EA shell.

joab7772427d ago

I agree and maybe someday that may be a possibility. Everything is decentralizing and games may be no different. But, they have a contract. And kickstarter money won't cover a mass effect game, or a new dragon age, especially for next gen. It is great for a few guys whoneed a couple million to make a great indie game but games next gen are going to get rediculously expensive, 600 ppl, 100 million in advertising. And then post launch. Jot to mention bioware doesn't make 1 game. They make mmorpgs that take years and years to build with expectations to last a decade. We are talking, as a company, the need for approaching 1 billion dollars. This is where EA comes in. It is a business not just a bunch of people making a game. EA takes the risk, puts their money up. I don't hate EA. Are they stifling, greedy, and business like...yep. But, they help make great games possible. I'm not so sure EA is to blame for the ending. Wouldn't they want everyone happy, less risk or artistic expression? Maybe bioware just read this one wrong. Mistakes do happen. It's an experience they will learn from. The handling is EA. They do damage control. Was dlc gonna be free...of course not. And i have no problem paying for it...even now. If it's used to reward people who put up money for this project or worked on it, or is invested in future products...great. what i hate and fear, is that bioware may have lost much of their freedom because of this. EA will not risk another debacle where money is lost.

I hope kickstarter is the beginning of a great trend but once they begin collecting 100 million for a project...bam...they become a business and their intentions will shift...guaranteed.

vortis2426d ago


Nah costs don't need to bloat. All those bloated figures are from hiring Hollywood talent, for marketing games with, as you mentioned $100 million dollars, and having bloated teams.

To have a fun game you don't need 700 people (like Epic Mickey 2) you just need a dedicated team in each category of design to do their part. Look at Trine, Dungeon Defenders or the original Mass Effect. I think 100 people is a suitable number for a moderate AAA title. Anything more and it's just overkill.

I think what EA has done is made it where people are convinced to believe that games need $1 billion for development costs but that's insane. I was messing around with the UDK and it's extremely easy to build stuff (built a room in like 3 minutes thanks to a YouTube tutorial).

With dev tools getting cheaper (you can use iPi and two Kinects to do mo-cap without any mo-cap gear) I don't see why games need to get more expensive. With the right tools BioWare could do a Mass Effect 4 with a moderate budget and local voice acting talent (and an indie music artists instead of a Hollywood composer).