One Piece: Pirate Warriors Physical in Europe, Digital in North America

USA will be getting a digital only copy, but Europe will get the standard retail version.

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tayz2162d ago

it's times like these I hate living in the US.

GraveLord2162d ago

Well, that's 1 lost sale.

Now would be a good time for people to start a petition for a retail release in America.

jc485732162d ago

well, with the economic hardship, people become more conservative about buying games. Sometimes I wonder how I'm even surviving. I buy more games than the average American and I don't even have a real job.

Snookies122162d ago

Personally, I'm not a One Piece fan, but this sucks... It just proves that games like these simply don't sell all that well over here. Wish people would stop buying every shooter that comes out and actually give other games a chance for once. :\

Cablephish2162d ago

They're playing it safe. They don't know how a game like this will sell.

At least they're going green.

tayz2162d ago

i hope it sells at least 100K. i know we got that many fans here!!!

Game4life2161d ago

look at the bright side. itd always gonna be on psn then. It will never go out of print. Thats a plus right? It should easily sell 100K over time not sure how much overall it will though

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The story is too old to be commented.