Dragon Ball Z Kinect Box Art Released

Namco Bandai has released today, the official box art of the upcoming Kinect game Dragon Ball Z.

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DarkBlood2380d ago

awww come on guys its a coolios box art :P

Baka-akaB2380d ago

Really ? doesnt seems like it could even be a cover for the manga or dvds

MaxXAttaxX2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

It's really friendly looking.
Any kids pretending to be Goku, throwing air Kamehamehas, now have a game to look forward to.

Seriously though, we need a good DBZ game. Haven't enjoyed one since Tenkaichi 2/3.

dark-hollow2379d ago

another evidance that ms doesnt have a clue how to appeal to the younger ones.

what is this horrible cover box?
if you want to appeal to DBZ fans (and especially the younger ones) you dont choose this lame art work for the cover box!!

seriously? goku sitting happily in a living room? like SERIOUSLY!? kids like something cool, something badass from DBZ and this cover box is too childish even for 10 years old kids!

usually kids look up to what the older guys (mainly teenagers from 14-16) consider cool or not. this is pure lame!

i grow up on games on the nes that handed my ass to me from it difficulty! yet i loved those games and still to this day remember those good, unforgettable memories. it sad to see the youth of today grow up on such trash!

TheSoiledKnight2380d ago

how about nanmco prioritize on actually making a good DBZ game for once and not milking the franchise to death and then some... this game prolly wont be above average just looking from the fact the last DBZ game came out last year

Baka-akaB2380d ago

above average is asking a lot already .

Magic_Spatula2379d ago

Namco has nothing to do with Dragonball games. It's all Bandai. If Namco did make a fighting game based on Dragonball, I'm pretty sure it would be way better than what's been released recently.

Starbucks_Fan2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

If they're going to use the living room as the setting for this box art the kinect camera might as well be on top or in front of the TV. The boxart looks so awkward in general :/

WitWolfy2379d ago

What would Akira Toriyama do??

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