Mercenary Ops Announced

A new third person shooter has been announced today for PC, called Mercenary Ops. One key point about this title is that it is being made with multiplayer in mind. This could be really exciting as the PC really doesn’t have any decent third person shooters out on the market right now. Features the game is boasting are cover system mechanics, destructible cover, and fast pace action on varied maps with multiple attack routes. Competitive multiplayer will feature 16 players in a game and will have five different game modes to chose from. The game will also feature a co-op mode were up to 8 players can help each other survive as they take on “hordes” of enemy AI. Merc Ops will also include an XP system giving the players the chance to upgrade and get new equipment. XP wil be rewarded for killing enemies and completing mission objectives. Figure in that the game was made using Unreal Engine 3, and this new title could be a win for the PC. Could Mercenary Ops be for PC what “Gears” was Xbox? Only time will tell, but this game is going to be one that is on my radar. Look out for it this summer.

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