YouTube Developing for Next-Gen Consoles

YouTube is developing a "TV experience" for next-generation consoles. In a job listing on Google Jobs, the company advertises that it's hiring a Game Console Software Engineer to develop "versions of YouTube to work with next generation game consoles."

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gtxgamer22405d ago

Hopefully it wont come with a monthly fee.. Hulu was free but now their doing monthly fees. Thats what im scared of

Krew_922405d ago

I doubt it, Google already makes enough money with the partnership program on there.

You never know though, anything could happen.

Dante1122405d ago

I hope the next MS console will actually have a browser this time around.

M-M2405d ago

Google is getting greedier by the minute I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually started charging.

3GenGames2405d ago

Dante, sadly if they do it'll be IE though. If Sony picks up Chrome for their next browser, I would HEAVILY consider switching or at least getting a PS4 because of it.

dark-hollow2405d ago

No way it will happen.
Hulu streams tv shows and such. While youtube are mostly users generated content.

Persistantthug2404d ago

That doesn't sound like a "no way" or impossible situation to me, dark-hollow.

dark-hollow2404d ago

so? that has nothing to do with what i said, besides, google will introduce a new feature that allow you to make your videos pay-per-view so that TV shows can make it payable into youtube but that doesnt mean all youtube content will.

youtube popularity depends on the users videos.
without them, youtube is basically dead!
people are cool with paying to watch actual movies and tv shows,

but who gonna pay to watch ray william johnson?

Persistantthug2404d ago

For example,
occasionally YOUTUBE has been known to host actual studio movies...some independent ones & a few big budget ones.

I've also seen TV shows hosted from ABC, CBS and NBC before.

So what's to stop Google from running a YOUTUBE premium service alongside its free service?

Again, there is no such thing as a 'no way' situation here.

BitbyDeath2405d ago

Hopefully it runs a lot faster than what it currently does on PS3, and better yet is usable at anytime. ie. Playing a game, transferring files, watching a movie etc.

Hazmat132405d ago

to have youtube already on my next gen console would be awesome.

Ingram2405d ago

Sony will probably license the cheapest and worst Web Browser in the market yet again, so yeah, not on PS4 I'm guessing.

BitbyDeath2405d ago

I think the Web Browser has so many issues because of the limited RAM available for it.

Nextgen should fix that... hopefully

Ingram2405d ago

I think not.
It's high speed XDR, and 256 should be enough for a strong browser.Even a second generation blackberry works better.

It's the Netfront browser what's at fault, that thing was designed for 2003 PDA's and hasn't changed much since then, go figure.

BitbyDeath2405d ago

I don't believe the web browser has access to all that memory but rather just the OS portion which had been set aside for it.

Ingram2405d ago

I know what you mean and I agree, you're right.

Netfront is garbage though.

FlameBaitGod2405d ago

at least i can still watch tv shows, movies, anime and pron for free. Cant say that about 360, see i can troll too LOSER! NOW GTFO! :D!

kingPoS2405d ago

youtube on via ps3 can be awful "IF" you frequent the normal YT. It gets marginally better when ps3youtube(dot)com is used. (and the comments are easier to read)

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