Super Monday Night Combat Shows Up On Steam Randomly, Devs Decide To Keep It There

Super Monday Night Combat wasn’t supposed to show up on Steam today but it did, and the devs have decided to keep it there.

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ATi_Elite2379d ago

So SMNC just walked out the studio, took a cab to the Airport, flew to Valve Headquarters, and while no one was looking made itself a Steam website and a price tag?

jmobley2379d ago

no it is free. if you check the article there is a download link.

xruiner892379d ago

Super Monday Night Combat has been on the coming soon list on Steam for 4-5 months.

jmobley2379d ago

yes except now the download link is available

AndrewNino2379d ago

I love this game, I'm so glad it's on Steam. :D

pungello882379d ago

weird, well why not leave it up?