What Impact Would Locking Out Used Games Have On Next Gen Systems? (Playstation Edge)

Used games. It’s a divisive factor in the gaming world. Next generation rumors are rife with used game theories. Both Microsoft and Sony have both been in the gaming news with their next generation projects and alleged quotes that these systems will not play used games. That games will be locked to your account or to your console. If this is true, it impacts not just the Used game market, but game rentals, households with multiple gamers, and loaning or borrowing games between friends and family.

So what is the reality of it all? Is it really coming next generation? Would it kill the used market? Would it make games cheaper? No. In all honesty the first company to do that would be committing suicide. Why?

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GribbleGrunger2403d ago

it would make next gen shorter unless the consoles were supported for ten years

Crazyglues2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Actually it will be the death of New Consoles.. They think gamers will just accept it, and some will, but a huge amount will by-pass the console.

Many will just stick with PS3 and 360 instead of upgrading & they will hold-off, which would actually kill new consoles.. Once games are not doing the same numbers as the old systems games did, developers will actually be getting killed out there..

and if you know sales you know if the consumer holds off it's more likely they don't decided to buy..

But the real problem, the one these companies don't understand yet is not being able to sell a game I feel sucks, kills future game sales..

Right now I buy a game it sucks I sell it.. -I feel better -(maybe I put that money towards my next game) No hard feelings.

The new way - I buy a game it sucks I now have a constant reminder of how I got burned buying a game that sucked, so now I buy less games -(only top tier)

That actually ends up hurting the developer, as it will mean less sales of games over all...


MysticStrummer2402d ago

I think most will buy the consoles anyway. As it is, people are paying to play online, not boycotting games with online passes, and paying for "extras" like CoD Elite. The market has shown a willingness to bend over and take it, so now the industry will take advantage.

Bathyj2402d ago

I agree with Mystic to a certain extent.

Gamers have shown they will get outraged for almost anything, but then quickly accept it as standard practice.

Well, maybe not accept it, they will keep grumbling under their breathe, but very few will actually vote with their wallets, and go without something for the sake of standing up for their principles.

I can remember the look on my face the first time DLC came out the same week the game was released. It was a worrying trend of things to come.

So many things that happened this gen which were considered unthinkable are just the way it is now yet there have never been more gamers.

Seems we cant wait to grab ankle.

Having said all that, I do agree people are getting super pissed with the publishers. A videogames crash next gen would not surprise me at all and I've been saying that for a couple years now.

MrBeatdown2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

"Many will just stick with PS3 and 360 instead of upgrading & they will hold-off, which would actually kill new consoles.. "

I don't see this happening. Once next-gen Fallout, GTA, Assassin's Creed, and all the other big name games start releasing, I think people would rather play the game on a console that doesn't let them buy used rather than not play at all.

I'll buy a console regardless of whether or not it supports used games. I'm not going to give up my favorite hobby, or limit myself to PS3 going forward just out of protest.

Even though it won't really affect me, since I mostly buy new, I don't like the idea of a used game lockout, but I absolutely hate the idea of not playing the games I want to play.

pixelsword2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Yep; people can look at my quote history and although I lean towards Sony more I love both the 360 and PS3; but I'd dump the PS4 and/or the 720 in a hot second and run back to Nintendo and game more exclusively on my PC if they locked games. I bought it. I don't care if 90% of the developers go out of business, I BOUGHT MY GAME. If you want people to keep your game, make it WORTH keeping. I still have my old PS1 Twisted Metal 2, My RE4, My Battlefront games (and still play them online), Halo (is always a keeper), and other old games because the games are DONE WELL.

This gen I won't sell or give up games like Gears of War, MGS4 and other games that have a high caliber of quality. Although I decided to not get a Wii this gen, There are games on the Wii that stand toe to toe with any game on any console or PC because the QUALITY is there.

All they are doing is making gamers rely on game critics more and more which gives a bunch of immature fanboys MORE power next gen and not limiting it like they deserve. I've seen games on both the 360 and PS3 that basically destroyed game companies because they either slammed a perfectly good game (IMHO Too Human, Lair), grinned at game developers making them think they are on the right track in making a game only to slam them when it is out (Haze) unduly praised it, only for gamers to return their games in disgust (FF XIII [you pick the console, both sides will have good points]). I think if a game company forces you to keep their game, it's not worth getting in the first place.

Disagree or report me all you want; I'm loyal to quality, not brands.

Awesome_Gamer2402d ago

Its not gonna happen. PERIOD

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dark-hollow2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

To all developers, publishers, etc.
You want money? Well.

Make a good game for once, advertise it very well and know exactly the target demographic that you are aiming for.

Still the sales flopped? Well, too f**king bad because even online passes or preventing used games would not help you, the game would flop anyway.

Look at cod, it doesnt have online passes but yet it sold MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS!

Skyrim? Gta iv? Halo titles? Gran tuirsmo? Nintendo titles? All of those sold MILLIONS even though anybody could pick them up used for cheap.

So whats wrong then? If those games managed to sell well without online passes then thats a huge evidance that USED GAMES ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!!!

MrBeatdown2402d ago

Naming a few games that did well doesn't prove your point.

I could just as easily name quality games that flopped.

Blur would be the best example. It was from an established racing developer with a great track record, it was a high quality game with tons of features, it was innovative, it was polished, and it was advertised well.

That studio is out of business now.

JD_Shadow2402d ago

Those games that he mentioned DID prove his point, though. You said you could name quality games that flopped, but never named any besides...BLUR? REALLY?

What you think is a quality game doesn't have to be what I think is a quality game. It's suggestive and is an opinion.

He talked about big name titles that people will buy day one because they have heard a lot about it from previews and reviews. They heard the game will be good, and the outlook is very good, so they reserve the title, take it home, and enjoy it.

How about those that did something such as what EA did with ME3? Or if the game didn't live up to the hype or whatever, and not many bought it? What would the companies blame? Well, piracy, then used game sales. It's too easy to make it into a scapegoat into why a bad game doesn't sell well.

In the case of Blur, I didn't really see much about the game besides a few commercials. I took a look at who made the game. Bizarre never once blamed the used game sales as a factor, and instead blamed it on when it was released (at a highly competitive time in that genre). Also, take a look at who PUBLISHED the game, and who eventually closed down the studio? That's right! ACTIVISION! It's not real hard to see what would happen there. A underhyped title in an oversaturated genre published by a pretty hated company.

But I'm sure they could, because people seem to have bought into this "used games = bad" thing. They just hate how some of the companies that SELL these games operate (Gamestop, for instance). They never condemned the used game market until the big wigs told them they had to, and force fed us their prepared reasons as to why they have to do shit like this. And with the public being oblivious to anything that goes on (or just don't care; we've been through THAT point before), it's easy to see why they could put this shit past us and get away with it, too.

THC CELL2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Better money for developers so they can make more games :-) yes I support this idea

at this diss at the end of the day people will blame sony when its the developers who want it more than anyone so let them have it i am a gamer i will support the developers unlike some poor people who cant afford to game

why support second hand games, yes some games are not worth a full price.. thats not the point developers need support.

at below explain to me what ya going to do when cloud gaming comes eh, cant get second hand games then so bonk that...

at the end of the day i can not see this happening unless sony leaves it upto the developers ( microsoft as well) cloud gaming is coming so all second hand games will be eliminated soon as of game shops

dark-hollow2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

You didnt learn anything, did ya?
First off, the developers already got their fixed payment so the rest of the money goes to the guys in suits (publishers)
Second, why in the hell we would trust them that the money they will get from banning second hand games will actually improve the developers future games?

Didnt you see how much they abuses the DLC concept?
Releasing half assed games only to make you pay for the rest of the game?
Firs day dlc? Dlc that actually ON the disk????

And do you know what the funny thing is?
Online passes didnt EVEN help increase new games sales that much (look at resistance 3 compared to the second one on the same time frame)

Even if you said that you only buy new, what if you wanted to play in your friends house?
What if your console has broken? What if the online pass expires?

So no, its only a huge scam to milk our pockets as much possible as they could, and i will never support any console that prevents me from buying used games.

FunkMacNasty2402d ago

THC CELL - Locking consumers out of the ability to shop for the best bargain is not good for you, me, or developers. It will eliminate retail competition because games will all be the same price, it will fatten the pockets of the console companies who will, more than likely, invest in more first party developers who can create games for their system for less money as a division of their corporation. And furthermore, its just not a fair buisness practice on behalf of the consumer.

You talk about how YOU support developers by buying new games, "unlike some poor people" who cant afford to game" but what you have failed to notice is that to buy every game new at full retail price of $60 USD, you must be very wealthy. Most middle class folks with rent and bills may only be able to buy one game a month at full retail price.. others games we wait for until they drop in price or appear on used game shelves for $20-30 cheaper 2 months after the release.

Also, i think "poor" people have every right to game.. so you might wanna take that silver spoon outta your rear end, and try not to stain the seats in daddy's new Jaguar as you do so.

JD_Shadow2402d ago

Wow, Cell, that's got to be the most uninformed statement I've read on the internet in a long time! Congrats, man. That's a damn accomplishment.

Majin-vegeta2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Umm Piracy would go rampant as hell,Video game market crash,etc.

@CELL i think you're one of those persons who needs a good bonk on your head to open your eyes.

kma2k2402d ago

thats what ive been saying for awhile piracey would go out of control. Pubslishers claim PC gaming is being ruinied by piracey guess what will happen if they removed used games from consoles same damn thing!

GamingPerson2402d ago

well if the next consoles use standard pc components like amd cpu and gpu.. that might happen anyway.

GamingPerson2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Honesty after 2 years it would be standard and people will stop complaining when cod comes. But I could be wrong.

cogniveritas2402d ago

I'm not so sure about that. Locking out the used games market would take some sort of method that possibly interfere with the simple things console gamers saw as a plus for console gaming which would be renting, borrowing, or to take a game to a friends house and just pop it in and play (that's slowly ending already). How would something like that be distinguished officially from a used game changing hands? I think it will drive more gamers to a PC in search of replacement freedoms in the form of "mods" and "easier piracy" as consoles march further in the direction of one owner/player units with a totalitarian proprietary OS.

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