AoF: Dishonored looks really really good.

Addict of Fiction take a look at Dishonored, what they hope from it and what they expect from it, judging from the new trailer.
And show some concept art!

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DevilishSix2433d ago

It's weird. I have watched the recent trailer witch seems a blend of Assassins Creed with a new old colonial style world populated with high tech gadgets and magic. But the trailer did nothing for me. I read and see alot of buzz for this title but so far it's doing nothing for me.

rdgneoz32433d ago

The concept looks cool, but I'm holding off judgment till they show actual gameplay and not just cgi. There have been a lot of games that have amazing concepts to them, but are poorly executed.

sonicsidewinder2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

The trailer, to me, only suceeded in giving a taste of the game's atmosphere.

That's not the main thing to be excited of though.

The fact that the team behind it include folk associated with the original Deus Ex, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and Arx Fatalis, IS something to be excited about.

A game similar to Thief, in a new, original and interesting setting. A neo futuristic / steampunk 19th century asthetic; technology brought about through the use of Whale oil.

Take Assassins creed out of mind. The only similarities being, you are an assassin in both games. This will be another, 'play how you wish' game where the world will react in some way.

Did you play DX: Human Revolution? Well, that's the 'lite' version of this kind of gameplay style. Think better, with a higher focus on immersive gameplay.

Off the top of my head, it's the game I'm most excited for. Before this, it was Human Revolution, but while good, never lived up to what I was hoping for really.

Stick with this game dude, cus really, yeah, the trailer doesn't show enough. Wait till the gameplay ;)

jbiz3202433d ago

Ive been "Brink'ed" by Bethesda a few times.. Ill wait till i see some gameplay thank you very much