1UP CES 2008: Booth Battle, HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray

1UP reports: "The recent Warner Bros. Blu-ray exclusivity announcement certainly put a damper on the HD-DVD plans for CES 2008, but that doesn't mean Toshiba pulled out entirely. It's strange, however, that Blu-ray and HD-DVD would decide to have their booths right next to each other. It's not as though there's a lack of available space at CES.

In any case, we walked through both booths, and made note about how each treated their respective extensions into the videogame market. Clearly, however, PlayStation 3 was a bigger deal over in Blu-ray than the HD-DVD add-on for Xbox 360 was, but press on for a brief picture tour. And before anyone starts crying foul, the only reason there are more Blu-ray snaps are because the props on display were cool, alright?"

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Meus Renaissance3990d ago

Blu-Ray stand makes the HD-DVD stand look like a funeral. Did anyone notice in the first picture, they had a Warner Bro's logo on their booth? Wow. Ouch

pwnsause3990d ago

HAHHAHAHAHAHHA This is SOOOOOO Bad, HD-DVD booth looks soo plain, while the Blu-Ray Booth looks like your at the Hard Rock Cafe, or at Planet HollyWood!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, HD-DVD is SOOOOO DEAD!!!!1

TheHater3990d ago

Did somebody say...."Booth Babes?" dam, it just battle of the booth. Dam this sucks.

Expy3990d ago

Don't think HD DVD should have even showed up, waste of space if you ask me.

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The story is too old to be commented.