Trials Evolution’s “Titan Graveyard” Riffs On PlayStation Classics [TheSixthAxis]

TSA: "Because of the much wider range of level design developers RedLynx have managed to get quite a lot of gaming references into the various levels - you've probably seen screenshots of some of them.

Oh, and this one, which we reckon owes a little bit of its inspiration to the likes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, especially the art style and that ending which - well, we'll let you discover for yourselves."

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jimbobwahey2435d ago

Trials and Geometry Wars are two games I quite miss since I sold my Xbox. I'd buy them in a flash if they ever came out on PSN, shame it will probably never happen.

Bathyj2435d ago

One of the few games I actually wish was on PS.

Guess I just have to get some MS points.