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Nintendo Enthusiast reviews the massive RPG on the Wii.

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LX-General-Kaos2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

A perfect score for perfectly hand crafted work of art, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii entertainment system. Jrpgs of this magnitude are hard to come by, but thankfully Nintendo has blessed us all with the chance to experience an rpg of purified greatness such as Xenoblade Chronicles.

I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience this beautiful game that has been presented to us. You all deserve it. Hopefully the Ladies and gentlemen that went out of their way to perfect the jrpg exclusively on the Nintendo Wii entertainment system come back at some point in time to bless us with another offering. May it once again be on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Have a great day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

Yangus2315d ago

And i hope Monolith Soft next JRPG coming WiiU.

tiffac0082315d ago

I think their next game is currently being developed for the 3DS.

Instigator2314d ago

It would be day one for me if Monolith Soft developed a launch title for the Wii U.

Blastoise2315d ago

Voice acting is a huge downer for this game. I agree with everything else but a 9 for sound is generous, even if the music is pretty awesome.

Instigator2314d ago

The Japanese one is really good, but can seem kind of exaggerated when attached to the somewhat stiff character animations during cutscenes.

TheDivine2314d ago

I really lied the voices in the english version. Being British prob helped because its rare to hear those voices in US games and it seemed to fit the game very well. Everything about this game rocks and the music is one of the best soundtracks ever. Its very massive and very epic. Im 40 hrs in and its just now revving up and i cant put it down.

I really hope monolith make something similar to Xenoblade for the 3ds, an epic 80hr+ saga. If the 3ds gets games like this and Last Story i will be in heaven!

Arnagrim2315d ago

I love this game to death but if I hear, "It's Reyn Time!" one more time I'm gonna flip.