Review | Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai [Default Prime]

Default Prime: "The Total War series of games occupies an interesting niche in the strategy genre. Part Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) and part Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Total War games give their players the best of both worlds-complex overarching economic and political management coupled with rapid-fire tactical decision making on the battlefield. The first game in the series, the original Shogun: Total War, presented an intriguing hybrid strategy game where armies that encountered each other in the normal TBS gameplay transitioned to a RTS battlefield where the armies would fight it out in real time. The hybrid worked quite well, and 11 years later Creative Assembly released Total War: Shogun 2. The update to their original classic also introduced a full multiplayer experience wherein players could take part in either full campaigns or simply duke it out on the beautiful virtual battlefields of feudal Japan. This March, Creative Assembly released the Fall of the Samurai expansion to Shogun 2, jumping the game 300 years into the future, into an era where the clash of western technology and traditional Japanese ideals came to a head."

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