Election Day Extravaganza! Halo 4 vs. Call of Duty's Jason Fanelli talks about the confirmed Halo 4 release date and a possible head-to-head match with that and the new Call of Duty. The tale of the tape is written, which one will reign king?

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NYC_Gamer2402d ago

Call of Duty sales wise because its available on more platforms

StrongMan2402d ago

Black Ops 2 will sell much more on just Xbox alone as well.

suicidalblues2402d ago

I think you're right, but I hope Halo 4 crushes it. You just know that BlOps2 isn't going to have near the commitment put into it that Halo has, as every COD since 4 has been very similar.

Odd though that MS would release their flagship product against the game they've paid millions to to secure dlc early.

Drake1172402d ago

I think user and critic review scores will def be in favor of halo 4 even if it doesn't sell as much.


I don't know I'm not a big fan of either but I think I'll give it to Halo 4 I'm digging the new armor...kind of reminds me of Dead Space armor.

h311rais3r2402d ago

Atleast u don't bash it. It's a great game but not for everyone. I for one am excited.

GraveLord2402d ago

Microsoft must be pissed at Activision. Why go head to head with the FPS king? Now is the perfect time for Sony to snatch up some timed-exclusive DLC.

Regent_of_the_Mask2402d ago

Call of Duty will be better. I can already see 343 ruining Halo. I'd rather wait for Bungie's next game.

ElectricCarrot2402d ago

Says the guy with an avatar of a character from the worst game that shamed a great series and was ruined by morons.

adamant7152402d ago

New President + Halo 4 AND Black Ops 2 = best day ever!!

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