Dark Souls PC screenshots show giant dragon, giant hand, giant giant

The monsters in Dark Souls can get very big. The man-sized denizens that inhabit the RPG’s castles and caves are enough of a threat, but it’s the bosses that are really going to mess us up. The PC version will come with a few extra ones, because Namco Bandai know that PC gamers can take it.

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Voxelman2435d ago

Still going to be day one, but it is a pity they haven't brushed up some of those textures because those are ugly ass messes of blurry ugly textures.

Oh well gameplay is where it counts.

specialguest2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I don't think these are true native 1920x1080 res. screens. These look originally low res, but scaled beyond its original screen captured resolution by webpage code making everything look terrible. There is no way the textures look that bad.

I've seen gaming websites like do this kind of crap often. Example:

As you can clearly see when you click on the image and expand it, it's not even true native 720p res. screens.

Voxelman2435d ago

Those look bad because they are captured from a video.

as you can see from these console shots that is what the textures look like, it's just more apparent when rendered at a higher resolution.