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Tekken Director: If Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Has DLC Fighters They Will Be Free

"Looking back at Namco Bandai’s Global Gamers Day, chatting with Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada was my personal highlight. The minute he started speaking, you could practically feel his love for Tekken and see that behind his snappy sunglasses he’s excited about what he does. During the other discussion developer sessions I attended, everyone would sit calmly at a table. Harada was animated, sometimes leaping from his seat to point at the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 display." (Namco Bandai, PS3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Xbox 360)

Regent_of_the_Mask  +   1095d ago
I'll pass on this. It's nothing but Tekken 6 with a tag mode slapped on it. Tekken 6 was garbage (worst in the series) and this will be terrible too. It's better to just stick with the first Tekken Tag.
nolifeking  +   1095d ago
No, Tekken 4 was without a shadow of a doubt, the worst in the series.
I_am_Batman  +   1095d ago
What? I have played Tekken 1-3, 5 and 6. Tekken 6 isn't only the worst Tekken I played it's one of the worst games I played this gen. It's hard to believe that Tekken 4 is even worse.
nolifeking  +   1095d ago
@ batman

I've played ALL of the tekken games and can guarantee that 4 is the worst. Next time don't comment with such limited exposure.

Uneven terrain anyone?
I_am_Batman  +   1095d ago
"Next time don't comment with such limited exposure."
Why shouldn't I comment. I have just said that Tekken 6 is the worst "I played". I clearly said that I haven't played 4 and I didn't say if it's better or worse. I just said that it's hard to believe that they made a worse game than Tekken 6 because I really disliked Tekken 6. Tekken 3 and 5 are pretty good compared to Tekken 6. So all I said was based on the things I know about Tekken. That has nothing to do with limited exposure. I was just surprised that Tekken 4 may be even worse.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1095d ago
This is how it's supposed to be done.

EDIT:Funny how you say that, but tekken 6 was one of the most COMPLETE fighters this gen...not only that you're complaining about it just being T6 with tag team?...I bet you bought SFxTK day one, and til this day it still isn't balanced as well as any tekken game would ever be.
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Hufandpuf  +   1095d ago
Queue the "Capcom better take notes" sayings. I hear it ALL THE TIME.
I_am_Batman  +   1095d ago
I won't protect Capcom's on disc DLC policy because it's crap but I have the feeling that even if Capcom locks out half of their characters as DLC and I wouldn't buy it I would still get a better game than a Tekken with an infinite amount of free characters.
Skateboard  +   1095d ago
Day One!!!!!!!
belal  +   1095d ago
i played the demo, it's much better than tekken 6.
Smashbro29  +   1095d ago
That's fantastic!
KUV1977  +   1095d ago
I think the fighting in Tekken 6 was totally ok and fun. Just everything around it was pretty bad, including ridiculous (boss) fights and a lame story mode. As far as I am concerned Mortal Kombat had a really great overall package: nice story mode, tons of content and great graphics, but the fighting for me just didn't work. Even the NPC spammed the same 3 moves over and over again. I thought it was really boring and so I'll take (even a bad) Tekken over any other contender any day.
jetlian  +   1095d ago
tekken still the best fighter on the market. They need to stop the rage and bounding though. Juggling is killing 3d fighters
Gran Touring  +   1094d ago
its killing all fighting games, both 2d and 3d these days. People are going to be in for quite a shock when they see VF5:FS when it hits EU and US territories...
jetlian  +   1094d ago
I hope it hits soon. Bet they were waiting to find out when ttt2 was coming out. Now they know sega would be smart to release soon.

My thing with juggling isnt the damage so much as the down time. there are some in T6 that can stop a player from doing anything for over 10 secs. Now even when im the one doing it it sucks.

all combos should last no more than 5 secs

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