Prototype 2 No Longer In inFamouses Shadow

T-Hill writes: When Prototype first came out it was going head to head with inFamous and it was pretty clear who was the favorite. With inFamous 2 having been out for some time now with mixed impressions is this Prototypes chance to steal the spot light and redeem itself.

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blackburn102404d ago

From what i have been hearing about it, I would say no. It's still in Infamous's shadow. Sounds like the same mindless romp from before. A Hulk game with a different skin. Also there is no such things as Infamouses. If you are referring to Infamous personified you use an apostrophe S.

Emilio_Estevez2404d ago

Agreed, I don't quite see this surpassing Infamous for me. Time will tell though.

MmaFan-Qc2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

the first Prototype was way too unpolished and average to "win" against the first InFamous.

that said, Prototype 2 will have to be seriously overwhelming and beyond expectations to even compare it to InFamous 1&2.

i will without a doubt give it a chance by renting it just to see, i hope to be surprised by it.

Lucretia2404d ago

its not Infamous 2's shadow......Infamous is so far ahead that it generates its own light, causing it to have no shadow and for PT2 to just be forgotten and unseen

Gamer30002404d ago

we will see
but i'm not sure if this game will hold a candle to
infamous 2

Godmars2902404d ago

have to agree with Blackburn: the article's title says that its hasn't.

Its not a Superhero game, more a rampaging anti-hero where everyone you see in the game will most likely die by the end.

SuperStrokey11232404d ago

its our a year later... it would be embarrassing for it not to be wouldnt it?

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The story is too old to be commented.