Why CD Projekt decided to update The Witcher 2 for free

PCG:It’s been a year since The Witcher 2 was first released on PC. Since then a series of big patches have added new quests, characters, combat tweaks and game modes. Earlier today, the Enhanced Edition made even more additions. Like every update for The Witcher 2, it was released as a free download. I met up with level designer Ziemak Marek last week to find out why CD Projekt have decided not to charge for additions that other companies would sell as DLC packs.

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NYC_Gamer2430d ago

Wish many more studios would follow the direction of CPR

exsturminator012429d ago

Why update for free? Because they're awesome! I mean, they may have reasons for being awesome, but it mostly boils down to that I'd say.

Snookies122430d ago

It's because they're awesome, and NOT bad people... I know, hard to believe in this day and age lol. It's of course understandable that studios need to make money, and DLC is a good way of doing that. However, it's really nice to see a studio actually putting people's happiness over monetary gain.

LightofDarkness2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Not only that, but winning over a core group of die-hards who will now buy whatever they release on day one without fear. That's a win-win for everyone.

kasasensei2429d ago

"Treat me respectfully and you will get my money!"
Simple as that.

360GamerFG2429d ago

They are rewarding the fanbase that got them where they are. Without PC gamers, this game wouldn't even be coming to X360. It's pretty much them saying "thanx for being with us from the start, here's a lil something for your loyalty and money"
Unlike BioWare and EA who gave all the DLC for ME2 to PS3 owners for free and nothing to the PC/360 owners who had been with them from the start.

360GamerFG2429d ago

Venturing on off topic here but where did these developers and publishers go to business school? Everybody knows that it is easier and better to keep current customers satisfied and coming back than it is to lure new customers. I'm not saying don't try get new customers, I'm saying while your at it don't leave out those that you do have.
Gaming business seems to spit on this sound business practice by rewarding new customers and neglecting the loyal ones. Game Of The Year editions are not only cheaper but have more content than the originals.
Ultimate versions are the same as above
New platforms getting new content for free while existing platforms getting either shafted and left out (dark souls) or having to pay extra for it
Focusing on new segment (Kinect) and almost completely neglecting the customers that got them where they are. It is absolutely baffling.
But I suppose they are simply following another sound business practice, Do What Works For You. And boy does it work for them! We as gamers continue to buy games on day one knowing there'll be a cheaper and better version funded by our money that we'll have to pay extra to experience
End off topic rant. Maybe I should write a blog.

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