Microsoft Makes Mistake With Halo 4

Microsoft announced today that the next installment in the Halo “trilogy” Halo 4 will be released on November the 6th of this year. The release day manages to miss some of the holiday seasons biggest games, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The date is also on the same day as the US presidential election, meaning that the voting turnout will be a lot less than usual.

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MrBeatdown2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

It is pretty strange that Microsoft would decide to go up, almost directly, against Call of Duty. Especially considering this is more than just normal competition between publishers. Microsoft does a lot of the advertising for CoD, there's the timed DLC, and there was even a MW3 themed 360 bundle.

It will be interesting to see how the handle the fact that Activision is their biggest partner, yet also their biggest competitor.

dark-hollow2428d ago

screw cod! i would gladly buy halo 4 day one over it.

TheGOODKyle2428d ago

I'd buy anything over CoD!

Pl4sm42428d ago

a brown bag with a sammich inside has more creativity than cod

Awesome_Gamer2427d ago

I'm not a fan of halo but i agree with you

teething2427d ago

Halo 4 on election day is pure genius since an embarrassingly low % of the US actually bothers to vote during elections.

EVILDEAD3602427d ago

Halo 4 will be the biggest event in gaming this year.

Black Ops 2 will be come out a week or two later and do incredible numbers as well.

These are two games that can co-exist..

It is finally time for Halo to get some holiday dollars. November is going to be crazy.

The biggest wiiner was Ubisoft finally figuring out that coming AFTER COD every year with Assasin's creed was idiotic and probably cost them millions.


Yomaster2427d ago

Pl4sm4 said, "a brown bag with a sammich inside has more creativity than cod"

LMFAOOOOO! Funniest thing I've read in ages. Touche, sir, touche!

Halo 4 looking to take down CoD this holiday season!? Sign me up for a Halo 4 preorder!

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B1663r2428d ago

I think EA is the one that screwed up this year, not Microsoft. EA should take the year off. LOL. Oh wait, this is a chance to neg on Microsoft in the pretend game media, my bad.

enfestid2428d ago

They haven't decided to go up against Call of Duty. Activision hasn't set a release date, or even announced Black Ops 2.

I imagine that since they're launching on November 6, Activision won't be launching Black Ops 2 on the same day -- it's bad for both companies.

DeFFeR2428d ago

It probably won't matter - they won't be released on the same day...

Straight from the article:

"For the last few years, Call Of Duty has always released the first Tuesday in November. This year it looks like it will be Master Chief VS Unnamed AK holder."

No... CoD since [email protected] has released on the SECOND Tuesday of the month... not the first like the terrible "journalist" says. Do some fucking research before posting shit articles, "Dan Hobbs, Idiot extraordinaire."

JokesOnYou2428d ago

Activision can easily release early Sept or push back their usual Nov launch for early Dec, either way it won't matter much even if they launched the same month, although they might have a small impact on one or the others initial sales ultimately the next COD will sell like hotcakes and so will Halo4.

MrBeatdown2427d ago

Activision already confirmed a Call of Duty game is coming this year. I don't see them releasing early just to avoid Halo, especially when Halo is only available on one platform.

And they had to have two or three teams on MW3 just to get it ready for November 2011. I don't think they'd want to mess with their schedule, especially if it interferes with Elite and MW3's DLC schedule.

badz1492427d ago

"Activision can easily release early Sept or push back their usual Nov launch for early Dec"

lol, you're saying it like AV's CoD is actually threaten by MS's Halo! if any of the two would have to change/alter their release date, it's MS, not AV! Halo is huge, no question about it, but compared to CoD? c'mon we know who's bigger!

EVILDEAD3602427d ago

Metal of Honor October

Halo 4 the 6th of November

Black Ops 2 will probably launch the 13th but may even push to the 20th and still make Black Friday.


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chadachada1232428d ago

I don't see an issue. Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo ODST all were released pretty close to that year's CoD release, and share a lot of the fanbase (but Halo is definitely better, in my opinion).

GraveLord2427d ago

Looks like Sony is getting timed-exclusive DLC from now on. Only reason I can think of for MS releasing Halo 4 so close to COD.

Godmars2902427d ago

So not one thought or consideration that this might be a political maneuver to keep young and mostly Democratic voters from the polls?

DeFFeR2427d ago

How do you figure that Halo fans are mostly Democratic?

Legion2427d ago

I am assuming he is thinking because most Republicans are PS3 players.

I think someone did a demographics on it and found that most Xbox 360 players were democrats. Anyone have a link to that study? ha

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The Meerkat2428d ago ShowReplies(4)
mcstorm2428d ago

Maybe MS know something we don't about the release date. If they are out on the same day it should be interesting to see the two big names go up against each other. But I have to say I will not be picking up the next COD game but I will be picking Halo 4 up.

000000000000000000012428d ago

Yes, same here COD = NO, Halo 4 = big YES!

Fylus2428d ago

I don't think anyone would actually be stupid enough to choose Cod over Halo... But then again, there are some pretty stupid people out there.

lategamer2428d ago

People like Call of Duty. For all the hate it gets, IT IS A SOLID GAME. It's very accessible, the gameplay is fluid, the controls are solid.

People say it's the same game ever year, and really, the core gameplay is the same. But the fans buy it because of the updated Multiplayer (c'mon, MW3 did redo the killstreaks, added some new modes, etc.), Zombie/Spec Ops, and Campaign, etc.

Time for the disagrees :).

spicelicka2428d ago

WHAT?? "MW3 did redo the killstreaks, added some new modes", and you consider that enough to buy it every year? You can do that shit with a title update.
We all know COD is a solid game, it's the fact that it's so disposable that it breaks within an year, so they just bring out the cow and release another one instead of supporting the older games. Fans buy it because they're stupid, and they have no choice.

Dovahkiin2428d ago

Why would Halo 4 not be able to stand up against these games?

enfestid2428d ago

It's not about being able to "stand up" against Call of Duty, it's about maximizing your sales. If two big-name properties in the same genre launch on the same day, a good chunk of people are going to choose one over the other.

The gaming industry isn't the only industry that works like this. Movie studios constantly change release dates based on competition in the same genre.

Jazz41082428d ago

I don't see what this article is even for. We have a game that's been announced a while ago that we have seen screen shots of and has a solid release date. Then we have a game this article is comparing it too that has not even been announced.