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Microsoft Makes Mistake With Halo 4

Microsoft announced today that the next installment in the Halo “trilogy” Halo 4 will be released on November the 6th of this year. The release day manages to miss some of the holiday seasons biggest games, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The date is also on the same day as the US presidential election, meaning that the voting turnout will be a lot less than usual. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Xbox 360)

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MrBeatdown  +   984d ago
It is pretty strange that Microsoft would decide to go up, almost directly, against Call of Duty. Especially considering this is more than just normal competition between publishers. Microsoft does a lot of the advertising for CoD, there's the timed DLC, and there was even a MW3 themed 360 bundle.

It will be interesting to see how the handle the fact that Activision is their biggest partner, yet also their biggest competitor.
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dark-hollow  +   983d ago
screw cod! i would gladly buy halo 4 day one over it.
TheGOODKyle  +   983d ago
I'd buy anything over CoD!
Pl4sm4  +   983d ago
a brown bag with a sammich inside has more creativity than cod
Awesome_Gamer  +   983d ago
I'm not a fan of halo but i agree with you
teething  +   983d ago
Halo 4 on election day is pure genius since an embarrassingly low % of the US actually bothers to vote during elections.
EVILDEAD360  +   983d ago
Not even close to a mistake...
Halo 4 will be the biggest event in gaming this year.

Black Ops 2 will be come out a week or two later and do incredible numbers as well.

These are two games that can co-exist..

It is finally time for Halo to get some holiday dollars. November is going to be crazy.

The biggest wiiner was Ubisoft finally figuring out that coming AFTER COD every year with Assasin's creed was idiotic and probably cost them millions.

Yomaster  +   983d ago
Pl4sm4 said, "a brown bag with a sammich inside has more creativity than cod"

LMFAOOOOO! Funniest thing I've read in ages. Touche, sir, touche!

Halo 4 looking to take down CoD this holiday season!? Sign me up for a Halo 4 preorder!
B1663r  +   983d ago
I think EA is the one that screwed up this year, not Microsoft. EA should take the year off. LOL. Oh wait, this is a chance to neg on Microsoft in the pretend game media, my bad.
enfestid  +   983d ago
They haven't decided to go up against Call of Duty. Activision hasn't set a release date, or even announced Black Ops 2.

I imagine that since they're launching on November 6, Activision won't be launching Black Ops 2 on the same day -- it's bad for both companies.
DeFFeR  +   983d ago
It probably won't matter - they won't be released on the same day...

Straight from the article:

"For the last few years, Call Of Duty has always released the first Tuesday in November. This year it looks like it will be Master Chief VS Unnamed AK holder."

No... CoD since W@W has released on the SECOND Tuesday of the month... not the first like the terrible "journalist" says. Do some fucking research before posting shit articles, "Dan Hobbs, Idiot extraordinaire."
JokesOnYou  +   983d ago
yeah I agree....
Activision can easily release early Sept or push back their usual Nov launch for early Dec, either way it won't matter much even if they launched the same month, although they might have a small impact on one or the others initial sales ultimately the next COD will sell like hotcakes and so will Halo4.
MrBeatdown  +   983d ago
Activision already confirmed a Call of Duty game is coming this year. I don't see them releasing early just to avoid Halo, especially when Halo is only available on one platform.

And they had to have two or three teams on MW3 just to get it ready for November 2011. I don't think they'd want to mess with their schedule, especially if it interferes with Elite and MW3's DLC schedule.
badz149  +   983d ago
"Activision can easily release early Sept or push back their usual Nov launch for early Dec"

lol, you're saying it like AV's CoD is actually threaten by MS's Halo! if any of the two would have to change/alter their release date, it's MS, not AV! Halo is huge, no question about it, but compared to CoD? c'mon we know who's bigger!
EVILDEAD360  +   983d ago
They will not launch the same day..
Metal of Honor October

Halo 4 the 6th of November

Black Ops 2 will probably launch the 13th but may even push to the 20th and still make Black Friday.

chadachada123  +   983d ago
I don't see an issue. Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo ODST all were released pretty close to that year's CoD release, and share a lot of the fanbase (but Halo is definitely better, in my opinion).
GraveLord  +   983d ago
Looks like Sony is getting timed-exclusive DLC from now on. Only reason I can think of for MS releasing Halo 4 so close to COD.
Godmars290  +   983d ago
So not one thought or consideration that this might be a political maneuver to keep young and mostly Democratic voters from the polls?
DeFFeR  +   983d ago
How do you figure that Halo fans are mostly Democratic?
Legion  +   983d ago
I am assuming he is thinking because most Republicans are PS3 players.

I think someone did a demographics on it and found that most Xbox 360 players were democrats. Anyone have a link to that study? ha
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mcstorm  +   983d ago
Maybe MS know something we don't about the release date. If they are out on the same day it should be interesting to see the two big names go up against each other. But I have to say I will not be picking up the next COD game but I will be picking Halo 4 up.
Yes, same here COD = NO, Halo 4 = big YES!
Fylus  +   983d ago
I don't think anyone would actually be stupid enough to choose Cod over Halo... But then again, there are some pretty stupid people out there.
lategamer  +   983d ago
People like Call of Duty. For all the hate it gets, IT IS A SOLID GAME. It's very accessible, the gameplay is fluid, the controls are solid.

People say it's the same game ever year, and really, the core gameplay is the same. But the fans buy it because of the updated Multiplayer (c'mon, MW3 did redo the killstreaks, added some new modes, etc.), Zombie/Spec Ops, and Campaign, etc.

Time for the disagrees :).
spicelicka  +   983d ago
WHAT?? "MW3 did redo the killstreaks, added some new modes", and you consider that enough to buy it every year? You can do that shit with a title update.
We all know COD is a solid game, it's the fact that it's so disposable that it breaks within an year, so they just bring out the cow and release another one instead of supporting the older games. Fans buy it because they're stupid, and they have no choice.
Dovahkiin  +   983d ago
Why would Halo 4 not be able to stand up against these games?
enfestid  +   983d ago
It's not about being able to "stand up" against Call of Duty, it's about maximizing your sales. If two big-name properties in the same genre launch on the same day, a good chunk of people are going to choose one over the other.

The gaming industry isn't the only industry that works like this. Movie studios constantly change release dates based on competition in the same genre.
Jazz4108  +   983d ago
I don't see what this article is even for. We have a game that's been announced a while ago that we have seen screen shots of and has a solid release date. Then we have a game this article is comparing it too that has not even been announced.
_Aarix_  +   983d ago
And to the guy whos disagreeing, the next black ops is the current black ops so itd be stupid to buy a 9th call of duty. Food for thought. Halo 4 day one.
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Arkrite  +   983d ago
HALO 4 is the 7th edition
The Halo franchise is only 2 behind
Halo 1,2,3,odst, reach, ce anniversary
Hopefully i'll have both Halo 7 and cod 9 day 1
jimbobwahey  +   983d ago
You forgot that Halo RTS game too.
Kalowest  +   983d ago
CE Anniversary is just a remake of Halo 1, it shouldn't even count. And story line wise Halo 4 is the 4th.
da_2pacalypse  +   983d ago
and Halo odst was just an expansion lol.
KMCROC54  +   983d ago
Halo Wars (rts)
Halo Reach
Halo 1
Halo 2
Halo 3/ODST( sametime line)

Halo CE Ann (just a reboot w/ better graphics)

Halo 4 ( is truly 4 in the series)
Ravenor  +   983d ago
@ Arkrite

Halo is also 2 years older, spans a hardware generation and with the exception of ODST has given a real technical Leap/jump/hop between games.

Aarix's comment wasn't necessary, but yours simply splits hairs for the sake of it. No one should care how many games in a franchise there are, it has got to be the dumbest argument against something. You either want to play it or you don't.
spicelicka  +   983d ago
That's a stupid thing to say. Halo 4 is the 5th edition, that much i'll agree with. ODST was an expansion released after 2 years, never developed as a separate game and wasn't meant to replace halo 3 but supported it. Halo wars was a completely different game, it was never meant to replace halo. And halo anniversary was an HD remake, never meant to replace halo reach.

The only halos that were made and marketed as direct sequels were, halo 2,3, reach and now 4. And that's over a span of 10 freakin years!! While COD has been replaced 6 times in 6 years (including blackops 2) with barely any improvements. I don't know how much clearer it has to be.....
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Arkrite  +   975d ago
cod reboot
at least activision havent released EXACTLY the same game with better graphix Halo CE im looking at you!
Cheers Jimbob
Ravener i dont care how many halos or cods come out i like both franchises and as i said "Hopefully i'll have both day 1"
i was just letting aarix know its not just cod that rehash games theres quite a few games companies at it
r21  +   983d ago
im pretty sure with 3 MW games out being about the same, gamer's will most certainly go to halo 4. there was even an article saying there was a decrease in COD interest.
DasTier  +   983d ago
You'd hope so for variety's sake, but people seem to want to stick with what they know. And for the masses that's Call of duty.
Ravenor  +   983d ago
The people who play CoD largely and feed into the CoD money machine don't play lots of different games. Decrease in interest in CoD generally means a decrease in interest for games in general for most.

The CoD community more or less doesn't care about Halo.
Kingdom Come  +   983d ago
I think with the contract for timed-exclusive DLC Microsoft will have a certain degree of insider knowledge regarding the game and therefor know it will not collide with the release of Halo 4. I'm guessing we'll just have to wait and find out, but either way, I despise the Call of Duty franchise and will be purchasing Halo 4...
SleazyChimp  +   983d ago
Past Halo titles, from Halo 3 on, have all released in September seemingly to avoid such a conflict. I'll bet MS knows something we don't. Everyone assumes that COD will release this year and will have exclusive content on the Box. I really can't see these two juggernauts slugging it out if any of that were true. Perhaps Activision and MS had a falling out or could they be skipping the annual release.

Activision would be smart to go M.I.A for a year and refresh the franchise on the next wave of consoles in 2013.
edit; I know anniversary came out in Nov., but that's not really a new release as it was a HD remake.
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Tai_Kaliso  +   983d ago
So you think Activision is going to leave hundreds of millions of dollars on the table and not publish a game that will end up selling 20+ million copies? Not gonna happen.

Halo and COD are vastly different games and are geared at vastly different types of gamers. I think people don't understand how rabid Halo fans can be and how much people want to play as Master Chief again.

I'll be picking up both, so problem solved. I don't see this as an issue at all. Halo 4 is already topping the pre-order charts and Microsoft hasn't even started with the multi-million dollar ad campaign.
DasTier  +   983d ago
This, at least the 1st part, I've played most of the Halo games in the franchise (all i think), and they may not be the best in the world, but they do have a certain aura about them. I just enjoy playing them. They feel a lot more personal and specifically designed at the people playing and enjoying them than Franchises like COD, EA Sports games even BF. The community in Halo 3 was amazing. I don't think I ever experienced anything else like it. Sadly this changed in Reach (It didn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling) Lets hope 4 picks up where 3 left off.
munish23  +   983d ago
Assuming COD and Halo 4 do release the same day, the marketing campaigns for the games will be huge. It will be an epic day at midnight launches. Something makes me feel as though this won't happen, like SleazyChimp says above, MS may know something that we don't.
BattleTorn  +   983d ago
They probably know that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releases on Nov.13th 2012
Tai_Kaliso  +   983d ago
Its two totally different games, Call Of duty, while fun, is a twitch shooter at its core, while Halo is a game that takes a bit more skill.

One is more realistic and one is space marines. I like the fact that Microsoft is going up against COD. I'll be buying both, but I like that Microsoft is doing what so many other companies are afraid to do, even EA with their Battlefield 3 game.

Halo isn't a small franchise and the return of the Chief cant be underestimated. This game is going to do crazy good and will probably end up outselling BO2 on the Xbox 360.
BattleTorn  +   983d ago
Remember World at War when Call of Duty had Vehicles and large maps (where you'd practically had an option of spawning at redeployment locations)

..but then it started getting compared to other FPSs that had those - so the withdrew the innovation, further pidgenholing the franchise as a twitch 'arcade' shooter.
Kamikaze8  +   983d ago
Great grammar and editing in this piece, eh? And they make it sound like everyone in the world is going to skip work/school and voting for Halo, but that isn't a safe assumption to make.
InTheLab  +   983d ago
MS has to move Halo to early winter. Nothing else in the tank, just like moving Gears last year from spring to fall. You have to end the year on a high note.

As for them launching so close to CoD. The hardcore fans will line up as usual for Halo and the part timers will be in line waiting for CoD.

MS has a strong partnership with Activision so it does seem odd creating this conflict...
BattleTorn  +   983d ago
If anything they'd move it to early fall, just like Gears.

No shooter is going to want to release within the weeks following Call of Dutys' release.
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ddelella  +   983d ago
I'd buy Halo 4 over COD any day. The campaigns in COD are good but the multiplayer is lacking the same quality I find in the Halo series like constantly changing game types, user created map playlists, and better player balancing. Bring on Master Chief!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   983d ago
Well if thats the case, MS would be focusing on Halo 4 ads and leave Activision to advertise Cod for Xbox. So We could be seeing Cod/Halo ads running all over the place or side by side which is good for MS console awareness.
Gamer-Z  +   983d ago
My money is on Halo 4 and screw COD its the same bs every time.
ultimatek1  +   983d ago
you all have it all wrong, ths move was deliberate. Microsoft expects Halo4 will not sell like reach nor halo 3, so moving to this release date gives them an excuse for lower sells, plus gives 343 industries more time to polish the game. Anyhow i will buy it.
billybonez  +   983d ago
How people saying screw COD when COD helped your ideal game out? Without COD halo would be stuck in the stone age. Load outs,Perks,weapon customization. Oh yeah I forgot ''their not the same''
spicelicka  +   983d ago
lol without halo COD wouldn't even be here so you can say the same thing about COD. It's all part of the evolution, if you had any sort of sense you would realize if COD didn't get popular, some other game would done it and halo would still change.

How are you saying COD "helped" out halo when most people dont give a shit about perks and load outs and would've bought the game anyway.

And you think COD just invented those things when it came out? All it did was take elemets from RPGs and implement them into multiplayer. I'm not hating on COD4 but techinically then without world of warcraft, COD would be stuck in WW2...
Dlacy13g  +   983d ago
MS puts Halo 4 squarely in the N. American Holiday season... They will have no issue selling a megaton amount of Halo 4 to the masses. And Halo 4 will help drive even more console sales for MS... You thought their Holiday was big last year... this year will be insane.
Summons75  +   983d ago
Is it really that much of a shock they released Halo 4 in the same time frame as every Halo since Halo 3? When they said holiday of 2012 I just automatically assumed sometime in November.
munish23  +   983d ago
Reach and ODST were released in September.
Warrior 3000  +   983d ago
Dumb news post. I cant stand n4g anymore with moron writers like this.

halo 2 came out in nov. im guessing that was a bad choice for microsoft as well?

humbleopinion  +   983d ago
What people here seem to miss is that many shooter fans will buy both anyway. And if you can get two birds while only standing in line for one midnight release, why not?

So while some people who can only afford one game will have to skip or wait with one, other people who were on their way to pick up just one game might end up with 2.
All of this is assuming that the games actually release on the same day. My guess... they won't.
Buff1044  +   983d ago
People who really want to vote will do so, Halo 4 or no.
clarkjudo  +   983d ago
I vote for Master Chief on this years US Presidential Election!
Its release date is on the day of the US presidential election. No problem there because there is no one to vote for. Except I will vote for Master Chief during this US Presidential Election! :)
theWB27  +   983d ago
If there's any shooter that wouldn't care about COD it's Halo. It could release against any game and do just fine.
Paradicia  +   983d ago
FarCryLover182  +   983d ago
So, does Microsoft have something up its sleeve for September? Since 2007, they've released big titles like Halo 3, Reach, Gears 3.
rezzah  +   983d ago
LOL look at that title!

Trying to pass it off as a real article.
Swagman2321  +   983d ago
I think Halo 4 will do just fine, I think the market is tired of Call of Duty and I also think it's time for something new. Granted there has been a Halo release every year for the last few years now, but nothing like Halo 4. This is big, the market is ready to move and Halo 4 is ready to help with that. And please all you 12 year CoD players don't spam me just because you think Call of Duty was the first, first person shooter ever. It's time for that franchise to take a backseat, it's stale and boring.
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