Ubisoft Start Emailing Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 Beta Codes Writes "Have you signed up for Uplay then start checking your inbox as Ubisoft have started emailing out the PS3 beta codes for Ghost Recon future Soldier.

There are been a lot of rumors around PS3 access but its now confirmed that PS3 users with this code can start downloading now and start playing when it goes live on April the 19th"

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Emmettcelticfan2430d ago

Got mine an hour ago I'll be checking it out

JoGam2429d ago

Hopefully i'll get mine. Question, U got urs in your email inbox right?

Nitrowolf22429d ago

Yea it came through my Email yesterday

BoneIdle2429d ago

Got mine in my email i used t sign up to Uplay with.

Solid_Snake372428d ago

If u guys got a code and dont want it, can i have it?

TBM2429d ago

PS+ members can download this now. i just did mine and installed it.

TheColbertinator2429d ago

I was hoping that my copy of Splinter Cell Conviction would get me an invite.Silly me.

BoneIdle2429d ago

It will the beta access will appear in the splinter cell in game menu on the 19th

sprinterboy2429d ago

Got mine, but ps3 got stolen at weekend :(

AKA2429d ago

care to shear to a fan? of third person tactical shooter ...
pm the code if you do and thank it will make me happy!

Majin-vegeta2429d ago

Anyone got a spare code??

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The story is too old to be commented.