Ni No Kuni DS Not Getting Localised

Well, this is rather upsetting news! Just days after a confirmation that No No Kuni will see a western release, albeit delayed, on the Playstation 3. Level-5 has shot down speculation that they may also be localising the DS instalment…

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sknygy2433d ago

Because this is the first confirmation we've had it's not getting localised, and I as well as several other gamers would of been looking forward to it.

Crap_Turtle2433d ago

After 2 years youd think it would be clear..........

-Alpha2433d ago

Has to do with the spellbook, right?

tiffac0082433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Yes, the spellbook will be hard to localize in multiple languages, according to Level-5.

sknygy2431d ago


It took 2.5 years for America to get Xenoblade

2433d ago
trikster402433d ago

This has been known for a LONG time. PS3 exclusive in the west, which means NO DS version.

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