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Gamefan Magazine: "Being a product of the 80′s, watching Thundercats was part of my required diet of cartoon nutrition. It holds a fond place in my heart along with Voltron, Transformers, and my all-time favorite He-Man. And like my loin clothed hero of youth, it was one of the few shows that had me running around swinging a plastic sword screaming its classic line. Thunder, thunder, thunder… Thundercats hoooooo!"

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frequentcontributor2405d ago

This is dumb. This game is no more raping our childhood than the new cartoon of Thundercats, which I would say is not at all. The game is obviously intended for young fans of the show. Doesn't ruin the old cartoon for me. What's the problem? Do 30-somethings really want a Thundercats game? That's literally never occurred to me as something I want. It's a kids game, and they'll either like it or not.