New Dark Sector Weapon Revealed + Hammer 1895 Trailer

IGN writes: "For a long, long time, we were left to think that poor ol' Hayden Tenno was going to have to take on the seemingly endless army of crazy metal-skinned beasts in Dark Sector with nothing more than a super-sharp glaive, shiny arm and his wits.

Then, we heard about weapons; then, we saw the infected hero wielding handguns and his trusty glaive at once; and now, D3 has arrived on IGN's doorstep to set you straight on four of the most fearsome weapons you'll be blasting folks with come March".

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replikka3990d ago

first post. this game looks like gears of war. i love gears too ^_^

PS360WII3989d ago

This game does have potential. I'm certainly intrested in how this game turns out ^^

mintaro3989d ago

this game look to have a lot of promise, can't wait

Salvadore3989d ago

Reminds me alot of Gears of War.

mullet3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I stopped caring about Dark Sector after they completely changed the look of it. When it was first shown it was based in space as a stealth game. Now it looks like just another shooter.

RIPHDDVD3989d ago

and nice avatar. can't wait to watch in HD exclusively on Blu-ray

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