What makes a racing game?

"What exactly makes a racing game so great? I have played many racers over the years, and as of late, the divide of realism and arcade is now more noticeable than 10 years ago. The idea of this (opinion piece) is to spark some discussion, well, hopefully, but to share you guys what makes racing games great for me."

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waltyftm2435d ago

Realistic handling, real world tracks/fun tracks/custom made tracks, changeable weather effects/time of day, a large variety of cars, stunning graphics, everything that Gt5 has basically.

Ace_Man_62434d ago

couldn't of said better myself *bubble up* :)

GamerSciz2434d ago

Yes and to go along with this as far as the "damage" argument goes. Yes it looks neat to see realistic damage but cosmetic damage is pointless if it doesn't affect your handling (from a realistic/sim point of view). In GT5 with all the updates they have added physical changes in driving ability based on how much damage/crashing you have done. That to me is more realistic and more dynamic then just seeing cosmetic damage on cars.

SolidStoner2434d ago

Play GT5 online and turn damage ON, then edit your comment! ;)

GamerSciz2434d ago


I have played with damage on but unless its a premium vehicle you don't see much. But if you pay close attention you will notice when you crash too often at times I have had it (for testing) where I couldn't shift to my highest gear anymore. I couldn't turn as smoothly...the driving mechanics were affected even though my car still just had a few scratches and dents.

n4gisatroll2434d ago

GT5 damage isnt really cosmetic. its mostly mechanical, unless youre level 40 of course.

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MurDocINC2434d ago

Blue shells, red shells, green shells, mushrooms, banana peels, stars and ligthing bolts!

Perjoss2434d ago

Something that is no way essential for a good racing game but its usually missing from them is a nice stretch of road. Test Drive Unlimited was brilliant for this as you could literally drive for hours and not see the same bend twice. Yeah TDU had crappy driving physics but just imagine an 'open world' driving game with fantastic physics.

The nurburgring track is present in most games and is great but its still a loop and only around 7 mins long depending on your car / skills. The new Forza game in production sounds good as its rumored to offer freedom when driving.

Disccordia2434d ago

I really hope horizon is just tdu but with forza handling. could make for a great game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

It depends on the racing game. Is it a sim? semi-sim? arcade?

Gran Turismo is THE example of what makes a racing sim.

Forza is THE example of what makes a semi racing sim.

Mario Kart is an example of what makes an arcade racer.

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iamgoatman2434d ago

"Gran Turismo is THE example of what makes a racing sim."

Not really, in terms of realism, which is what matters most in a true sim, GT doesn't really stand up against the likes of iRacing etc.

Forza and GT are both what you'd call semi-sims, they may be both excellent racing games but saying one is an example of a racing sim and the other a semi-racing sim just doesn't sound right when they're really in the same category and very similar.

iamgoatman2434d ago

I see the GT fanboys are here in force.

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