Tears Of Joy: ‘To The Moon’ Is Coming To Steam

Freebird Games have announced that the beautiful, tear-inducing epic that is To The Moon will be heading to Steam.

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Jourdy2882348d ago

Awesome, I was just listening to this game's OST last night considering buying it... :D

NukaCola2348d ago

I would like to see this on Vita. I have heard nothing but great things. I really would like to play it. I'm probably gonna buy it even though I have a crap computer. But it's old school right? Do I need a higher end computer to play it? Please feel free to dump on I don't know about PC specs.

Nerdmaster2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I think that any PC runs it.

I'm a big fan of its story and its music (I even bought the soundtrack and paid double of the asking price to support them). But I have to say that the game part is really lacking.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy it, the good parts are more than enough for what you pay. I still dream about the possibility of a movie (I even imagine the trailer with real people as I listen to the trailer music). Just don't play it expecting an awesome gameplay.

Jourdy2882346d ago

Well, it runs on Windows 95. Funny, eh? It's amazing (I just finished it) and it can run on a computer built... Fifteen years ago?
Don't worry, your machine should handle it.

Crap_Turtle2347d ago

wonderful japanese indie game