LittleBigPlanet Team Talks DLC.

"Media Molecule team members are currently on stage at CES, showing off the "play, create, share" title LittleBigPlanet to conventioneers and business types. The team just showed off a new pre-built level for the first time, one that introduces player death and respawn points to the DIY platformer. One of the new materials, under the "terribles" group, is a steaming hot magma rock, one that kills on contact."

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Darkiewonder3991d ago

haha. On my level all you do is going to jump around from branch to branch.

They can now add, water, spikes, ice, etc. :o

Arkham3991d ago

I'm loving the idea of creating a flaming magma clown's head that rolls around with an infernally lashing tongue. Oh yeah. Twisted Metal Planet, baby, indeed.

DaTrooF3990d ago

about making a level in which the goal is to hit people with my but so i can save a princess that is somehow always getting caught by some big guy(is she cheating on ...that is so original..i bet nobody has thought of that yet(dont go stealing my'm so sleepy....=/

RIPHDDVD3990d ago

is going to be bigger than some most people expect it to be and it's only going to expand more and more.

donscrillinger3990d ago

why doesnt sony just call there service live .

Shadow Flare3990d ago

I think i might make a game where you jump on mushroom's heads and go down pipes.

Oh wait thats already been done. About a million times. I really, really like LittleBigPlanet, i have some really good ideas for levels i wanna try out. And none of them involve mushrooms. I just wanna get my hands on the beta asap