CES 2008: Bizarre Wii Accessories on Display

As 1UP wondered the nooks and crannies of CES 2008's massive exhibit halls, they came across a tiny accessories company named Pega. The manufacturer caught their eyes for their extensive line of Wiimote accessories, including complete add-on kits for Cooking Mama and Trauma Center. 1UP tried to snap pictures for this story, but a Pega representative came over and slapped their wrist. Why? Who knows, but you can scope some of their products -- including a 26-in-1 Wii accessory bundle".

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M_Prime3965d ago

do people actually buy this garbage?

ban fans3965d ago

All the extra junk you can buy for games systems is getting crazy. I didn't even buy guitar hero until recently because I thought all these things were lame. Of course, now I wish I jumped onto guitar hero when it first came out, as it is an awesome game, but I digress. This display of accessory junk is just crazy.

They probably don't have the patents on these things yet, and that's why they didn't want pictures taken. Maybe.