What if 'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles' was on Wii U?

GameXplain: "Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was one of those GameCube games which several people never really got to experience properly. I was certainly one of those people because I could never find three friends with GBAs and GameCube-GBA cables to play it with. So as we continue GameXplain’s look into what the Wii U might bring to age old franchises, let’s see how it might give Crystal Chronicles the second wind it’s been searching for ever since it was first released eight years ago. "

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Eternalb2432d ago

I would kill to see a true sequel to this game

schlanz2431d ago

Likewise. The gamecube game was damn awesome, I had the opportunity to play through a large chunk of the game with 3 players.

This is the kind of game that would demonstrate how useful having a second screen really is.

Kamikaze1352432d ago

I hope we get a Crystal Chronicles game on the Wii U and the 3DS. Just as long as it isn't like that failure of a game that came out on the Wii (no the DS port).

ChickeyCantor2431d ago

I actually liked that game. Gameplay was a bit lame, but it had good story telling and aesthetics. I actually hope they create a sequel for that as well. Just with a more compelling battle system.

portal_22432d ago

Kind of should be given it released on GC some time ago. The real question is: why no Wii version?

TheColbertinator2432d ago

Crystal bearers...although that one was "different"

jc485732432d ago

was this even good? I remember playing GC and didn't really find anything special about it.

kma2k2432d ago

Considering there hasnt been a real good final fantasy game in a while i couldnt imagine great things! But i would LOVE to be wrong!

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