Crysis 3 isn’t the end of Franchise – New Details confirm Side Missions, Pyscho is Back

New Crysis 3 details have been leaked from a gaming magazine Playbox which suggest that Crysis 3 wont be the last installment in the Sci-Fi FPS franchise. Other than this Crysis 3 would feature all new side missions, new nano suit powers, New factions and the return of an old buddy – Physco (CRYSIS Warhead’s protagonist).

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MrGunny942404d ago

About time that Pyscho shows up.. where the hell has he been? :D

Pain_Killer2403d ago

He was in contact with Prophet but at the start of Crysis 2 they split ways to find Hargreave.

So i think either he's captured by Cell or in some other part of New York.

Worst part is that Nomad gives his life to save prophet and pyscho. :(

MrGunny942403d ago

Ye i've read the comics... Looking forward to see him

Pandamobile2403d ago

Where can I find the comics? Are they free or do you have to buy them?

Gran Touring2402d ago

yeah where can you find the comics? I'm really interested in knowing what happened after the first crysis

LightofDarkness2403d ago

But... why the bow? I know it's to make him look "superbadassandcoolhunter gatherermanrawr", but it has zero practicality when you have guns. Arrows are not one shot kills like in the movies. You'd have to hope you hit someone in the heart or manage to nick an important artery and they pull the arrow out, bleeding to death slowly. It wouldn't be a stealth kill, in any case, because whoever gets hit has lots of time to bemoan their predicament and retaliate in force.

Regent_of_the_Mask2403d ago

Games are like movies so yeah, 1 shot would pretty much kill them (though it could be designed on where you hit them). Arrows will obviously be for stealth kills.

GrumpyVeteran2403d ago

"The word would be less destructive compared to Crysis 1 "

Not buying the game now.

ginsunuva2403d ago

Why do you care how destructive the word is?

MilkMan2403d ago

Damn, I and I wanted this series to go away. Were the [email protected] is TimeSplitters man?

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