Level-5 isn't trying to "protect" the JRPG with the "very Japanese" Ni no Kuni

Level-5 isn't trying to "protect" the Japanese role-playing game genre with its own JRPG, Ni no Kuni, despite admitting it's "very Japanese".

In fact, according to Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino, Ni no Kuni is a "new type" of RPG - perhaps even a new type of game altogether.

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TheColbertinator2430d ago

Level 5 hasn't rally done anything unique or innovative in years but just the fact that they add so much heart and soul to their RPGs is enough for me.I doubt NiNoKuni will change views on JRPGs but honestly all I want is to enjoy more games of my favorite genre.

Crap_Turtle2430d ago

Did you play 'd arc? or inazuma? other innovative japanese rpgs?

Did you even read the article? He isnt trying to change views because real fans know whats up

TheColbertinator2430d ago

Jeanne and Inazuma aren't that innovative.They are just fun to play and more than enough for me.

Crap_Turtle2430d ago

So the first time an srpg has ever taken place in france

and a sports rpg arent innovative to you?

Deal lord............

xenoblade is great, but its just one of many great japanese rpgs this gen, on par with the past even with the fanboy goggles on

madjedi2430d ago

@col Right looking at most western developed titles, the term innovative doesn't really spring to my mind much.

But since it's become one of the many useless buzzwords this gen, whatever.

Relientk772430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Cant wait for this game. Day one purchase just like Tales of Graces f, and Xenoblade Chronicles


phantomexe2430d ago

I didn't enjoy the tales game but xenoblade reminded me of the great JRPGs of the past that i miss so much. Xenoblade was a breath of fresh air if you know what i mean.

Crap_Turtle2430d ago

This article is a disgrace

"The JRPG - and the Japanese game industry - has come in for a bit of stick in recent years, with some claiming the quality of Japanese developed game have declined and the influence of Japan in the global market diminished. At GDC in March Fez creator Phil Fish declared: modern Japanese games suck. "

Ok, so 1 guy is everybody? really? What about the 100 devs and people that called him out right after? hell even the people he was speaking with didnt agree

"Ni no Kuni will be a representative JRPG, and for the quality it provides," he explained when asked about the identity of the game within Japanese development culture.


"it doesn't necessarily follow the formula of past JRPGs. In that sense, it keeps a Japanese feel but it's still a new type of RPG - or a new type of game." "

its very much like tales

Kos-Mos2430d ago

This article is a disgrace.

TheUnbiasedLion2430d ago

I must say my anticipation for this game is greater than ff versus right now!

I NEEEED this game!

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