Family Guy Online preview with creators Gary Rosenfeld and Ian Verchere - GameZone

GameZone's David Sanchez sits down with the folks behind Family Guy Online and discusses the game's development, intended audience, and MMO gameplay.

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Snookies122429d ago

Shoot, I completely forgot this existed lol! Family Guy is amazing, but I kind of question how great a game of it would be. o_o

TheSanchezDavid2429d ago

I really think a lot of the appeal here is the constant referencing to the show. I checked out only a few minutes of the game and I had a bunch of good laughs.

VanillaBear2429d ago

Why did they make an MMO

A Family Guy styled "Simpsons Hit and Run" game would of been better.

Open World + Family Guy = Win

Who wouldn't want to fly the HINDEN-PETER.....imagine if you crashed in Jo's yard you would here Jo yell "HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THESE THINGS"

SilentNegotiator2428d ago

A thoroughly weak universe to put a game in. ESPECIALLY an MMO. FG is held together with references, fart jokes, and offensive and hateful jokes that make their smug self-righteousness disturbing.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't find FG funny. Some episodes make me cringe, but many of them are quite good (the early stuff especially, despite being copy-pastes from another certain series).

It's just that the way the show is structured. The foundations aren't strong enough to make a big MMO out of.