OXM Review: Trials Evolution

"Still, for all but the most dedicated players, there’ll likely be a few courses that, after you try ’em 100 times, you’ll decide to give up on. The annoying, repetitive “extreme” soundtrack doesn’t help when you’re frustrated either. But adding up the gorgeous visuals, extra coats of polish, replayability, multiplayer, track editor, and core gameplay that is both artfully scientific and scientifically artful, we’d say Trials Evolution is as close to a perfect download as we’re ever likely to get."

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badkolo2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

oh my god i need this now, 1 more day and this bad boy is mineeee. it looks so much better in every area. cant wait

that editor gives me the chills, why god why must we wait 1 more day, why my lord why