Dark Souls PC Dev Responds To DRM Backlash

From Software has responded to the backlash following its announcement of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die edition, as well as the DRM measures that go along with it. The studio has spoken with NowGamer about the controversial decision.

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jimmins2436d ago

GFWL is awful, but if that's the only way the game will make it to PC, gamers will have to suck it up.

Hellsvacancy2436d ago

The online wasnt done very well with Dark Souls anyway, Demons Souls was so much better in that sense

wallis2436d ago

Yeah because nothing disuades piracy like making legitimate sale a pain in the ass and giving piracy a good excuse.

And as for games for windows live preventing piracy!? Are they serious!? Steam prevents piracy. Windows live prevents you from keeping your God damned achievements and privacy. Piracy is rampant on GFWL just like any other platform.

Tr10wn2436d ago

Steam prevents piracy? in your world i guess.... pirates dont care if it's GFWL, Steam, Origins or Ubisoft they will still crack the game open and give it away for free, Steam have never prevent piracy, i see GFWL and Steam as equal i like the GFWL achievements more since it share it with my XBL account but beside that, i prefer Steam because almost every PC i had is on Steam or Origins.

wallis2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Steam does a damn better job of it than GFWL ever did. GFWL slows the hell out of my computer, causes stuttering issues, connectivity issues, makes it difficult to play multiplayer because it needs port forwarding where as steam just works straight off the bat. It's a poorly designed piece of crap that's uglier than Bill Gates' balls. GFWL is to video games what a three inch thick condom is to sex. Unnecessary and wildly unpleasant and no reward is worth under going the discomfort when frankly there are sluttier sisters nearby.

I welcome competition to Steam but it doesn't mean squat if that competition is retarded. I would love to see another service compete with steam but frankly I don't think microsoft or EA have a damn brain cell between them. Maybe Epic will step into the race or something weird and then we'll have something worth checking out - until then it's steam or steam's mentally challenged dungeon siblings.

fastrez2436d ago

Again, DRM is crap, but they're new to the PC scene, and the game is ace. If you refuse to play Dark Souls because of this, then it's your loss. The game is fantastic.

StayStatic2436d ago

I agree , still buying it and this is a great opportunity for From Software to get into the PC scene and hopefully the next iteration in the series will be better on the PC platform, rather than a straight up port.

Personally looking forward to regardless of its shortcomings.

LightofDarkness2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

It's not just the DRM that's the problem. It's the painful, buggy interface, the fact that it could very well just forget your save games, the fact that a number of countries do not have GFWL support and the very high probability of hacking/cheating online.

I'll probably still buy it, but GFWL is not a minor grievance. It's screwed over so many gamers over the years that the revulsion it causes is more than deserved, and I can easily understand why some people would rather not buy the game because of it.

NYC_Gamer2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

It seems like people just ignore the real reasons why many of us dislike GFWL when putting out these articles

-Alpha2436d ago

What does it mean that it's a straight port? Framerate and resolution will be better, wont it?

Ducky2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Means that it'll look identical to the console version except without the jaggies, and maybe some improved texture filtering.

Framerate is iffy though, as some developers purposely cap the frame-rate to 30fps due to tech/design reasons (SplitSecond and LA.Noire had this). Although there still are ways of getting those kind of games to go past the fps cap, the results aren't always pretty.

Remains to be seen what they throw in the game, and if they give any freedom to mod the game afterwards.

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