Opinion: There's no one quite as angry as an Angry Birds hater

April 12th, 2012, was the day that Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed to the world that he quite likes Angry Birds. Shock? Horror!

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Wintersun6162406d ago

I like a short game of Angry Birds every once in a while too, but IMO if someone says "There aren't many games that I've played recently that have been truly convincing to me.", then it sounds like he hasn't really played that many games recently. That game is vastly overrated and hardly "innovative" or "fresh", it's a re-skinned, tweaked and polished copy of all those catapult games out there, which just happened to become immensely popular among casual gamers.

h311rais3r2406d ago

Always loved catapult games as a kid. That's why I like angry birds. Anyone who believes it will end the industry needs to stop gaming and go outside.

OmniSlashPT2406d ago

Angry Bird is fun, a great game. But it's not a revolution in the industry neither it's original or innovative, don't fool yourselves.

Perjoss2406d ago

How did a flash game attract so much attention? It's quite baffling.

SilentNegotiator2406d ago

All games with more credit than they deserve (other than being popular) always get lots of hate. It's not that they're bad, just given too much praise for things that they didn't start or even perfect.