More Nintendo criticism from Beamdog, founder calls Wii a toy

Developer calls out Nintendo for not being a good platform for devs, says Wii is a toy.

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phantomexe2403d ago

Yes we know the 40Mb limit on the wii pi&&ed you off and we know you waited 9 months to get approved. Things will inprove but all and all MDK sucked so you should of cancelled it anyway.

Venox20082403d ago

the biggest toy is this company themselves.. and about MDK 2 sales - not many people would like to play port of a game that is soo old and was on PC and buy it like a new Wiiware game

Lucretia2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

yet people buy Orcina of time like 10 times? (n64, wii-ware, 3ds port, gamecube port) yeeeeeaaaaaaaaahh

i know thats not 10 but im just sayin, its come out 4 times in a row since 3 generations passed. thats bad that people keep buying it even tho they own multiple copies

Venox20082402d ago

zelda is zelda, mate :)

from the beach2402d ago

Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram!

Lucretia2402d ago

the wii is a toy. A childs toy. its a console that has sold so much not because the core gamer bought it, no, its because parents wanted their kids to be active while playing a videogame.

while we can enjoy the games on the wii like Zelda, Last story etc, the typical shovel ware and 85% of wii games are aimed at children. Look at the size of the controller, its made for a child, no adult hand can feel completely comfortable with that thing.

as a marketer it makes sense to target the children market because they are the most easily persuaded and Biggest target market of all.

its why the 3ds still sells, why the wii sold so much. (3ds has alot of good games too)

but its made for children, plain and simple, so yes its a toy. with very few exceptions, there are almost no in depth games. just a bunch of dance games, carnival/wii sports type games. Work at a game store for a few years like i have, Nintendo consoles have the worst crap ever (im speaking shovelware not real games)

the controller itself is a gimmick and almost never used correctly. the fact that wii was such a fad made it even more of a those furbies lol

dark-hollow2402d ago

"its why the 3ds still sells"

do not compare the 3ds (or the ds) to the wii.
just dont go there!

unlike the wii, the 3ds/ds have a lot of good third party support+first party titles.

sure it have some shovelware here and there but what gaming system doesnt have shovelware?

"Nintendo consoles have the worst crap ever"

and now you are bringing other nintendo consoles into it? besides the wii, all nintendo consoles/handhelds had a healthy amount of core titles, did you even see how much shovelware the ps2, ps1 had? that doesnt prevented them from bieng one of the greatest consoles of all time.

glopez2402d ago

The fact that people like you still call it a gimmick is just plain sad. I guess "move" and "kinect" are gimmicks too? They all are TOYS. They are called video GAMES for a reason. Just cause you don't like it doesn't mean no one else does. This might come as a surprise to you, but the world doesn't revolve around you! Going by what you wrote here I'm going to guess you just started gaming this gen. So on that note ill leave you to think about those things.

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